In a vase on Monday – more Romance and roses


On the occasion of my 27th Wedding Anniversary, I posted some roses in the silver rose bowl my sister and I bought for our parents’ 25th Wedding Anniversary,

Two years later, with no silver polish in the house, I’ve put roses in some ‘silvered’ pots from Sarah Raven (which thankfully stay untarnished!)

I’ve displayed them on the long outside table which has just been re-oiled after an offsite makeover.  The table was made originally over five years ago from a huge slice of oak we watched being chainsawed off the trunk.  Over time, as the wood dried, the surface became very domed such that balancing anything in the centre became a rather perilous affair.  My dear husband of 29 years (today) recently persuaded the woodyard to come and take the table top away and slice off the offending lump, and hence I can now arrange flowers along the middle without fear of wobble.  Thanks Andrew!

The romance is perpetuated by these being Rosa ‘Pat Austin’, bred by David Austin and named after his wife.  Aaah.IMG_0904


With thanks to Cathy who hosts this lovely meme.

15 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – more Romance and roses

  1. G.F.

    Hello there,
    That colour rose is not easy to handle: you did well to place them on that great wooden table.
    I grew a similar colour, with slightly different petals, called R. ‘Bridge of Sighs’ [ Jack Harkness] and I have yet to find a place for it in any flower arrangements. Actually easier when the petals fade.

  2. Christina

    Happy Anniversary. Roses displayed simply like that are lovely. But then they’re lovely however you choose to arrange them. Like the silver bases.

  3. Cathy

    What an interesting shape and colour of rose – the petals are fascinating – and what a fitting anniversary tribute… Well done for making the effort to get the table top seen to – and you must have been thrilled to have it created in front of your eyes in the first place. Can’t beat a good woodyard!

  4. Kris Peterson

    Happy anniversary! The roses are lovely and the table looks great. (My own patio table is currently undergoing a refresh too, courtesy of my long-suffering spouse.)

  5. homeslip

    The roses look lovely on your beautiful and very special table. I have an oak bench made from local green wood which has now silvered to a beautiful grey.

  6. k hopkins

    Lovely photos of Pat Austin. I also have this rose bush, right near my front door because I love the color so much. But, it’s so hot here now (35ºC) that I doubt she’ll be around for long.

    As for the lack of silver polish, have you tried the baking soda/aluminum foil method? I have been using it for years and have never gone back to polish.

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