End of month view – May 2016


I feel like I’ve barely set foot in the garden over the last three weeks (apart from picking flowers!) and am feeling a bit overwhelmed with how behind I am.  To compound things, a number of plans don’t quite seem to have come off including the Sisyrinchiums above. Some of you may remember the Sisyrinchium saga where I got fed up with Sisyrinchium striatum taking over the Swing Beds and so I pulled them out at the end of 2014.  I then went to Mottistone Gardens, thought they looked lovely (see photo below from June 2015) and put them back in.  Sure enough enough, I’m now cross with them again.  I swear I placed them through the beds and so how have they ended up in a great big clump at the front?  And shall I pull them out again?  Sigh.


Secondly, at the back of the beds I planted some Gladioulus communis subsp. byzantinus from Sarah Raven last autumn, in an attempt to provide some colour after the tulips. I should have planted them through the bed, but even so, they haven’t turned out as I expected.    IMG_0827

New gladiolusIMG_0829

and existing – taller, a better colour and a bigger bloom.  Why couldn’t I have had more of these?  I feel an email coming on.


And a final moan, in the Mid Century Bed, which is supposed to have ‘bruised’ colours, look at the foxglove.  Ah well, it looks good with the rose.


Right, enough moaning.  One thing I am chuffed with in this bed is this Lysmachia atropupurea I grew from seed last year.  There are at least two (there may be others smothered by Cerinthe) and they’re only small so far, but end up quite shrubby and are apparently good for cutting.  IMG_0835

The right hand Lavender Bed is starting to fill out, with some Peonies just coming into bud.IMG_0822

The Bronze Bed, as feared, is overwhelmed with dying bulb foliage, but I’m prepared to wait a little longer before cutting back if it means they’ll return next year.

The Rose, Rosa ‘Pat Austin’ and Icelandic poppies are already making an impact and will soon be joined by Scabious, Nasturtium and Achillea.


The woolly slug deterrent was partially successful in the Hosta Bed, but there have definitely been a few nibbles.IMG_0842

In the Veg Bed I have planted out a few more beans, but there’s still a lot more to get in, and some of the Courgettes have been attacked to the point where I’m not sure they’ll pull through.  Ah well, I probably had too many anyway!IMG_0831

Excitingly, the Agapanthus I grew from seed and planted out at the back of the Strawberry Bed, have now got multiple buds.


Many pots are starting to romp away, but there are also plenty yet to be planted up.  This one, planted last year with Pelargonium ‘Surcouf’ and Clematis ‘Princess Di’ has suddenly taken off.


And in the greenhouse, well, there are lots of plants that should be in the garden.  Maybe next weekend!IMG_0838



With many thanks to Helen at the Patient Gardener for hosting our End of Month views.

7 thoughts on “End of month view – May 2016

  1. Christina

    You could just try moving the Sisyrinchium, it divides really easily, it’s actually quite invasive in my garden. It all looks lovely to me anyway!

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Hi Christina, do you think I could move them now while they’re in flower?
      I’d really like more in the Drive Bed, but less of a clump here in the Swing Beds, but I don’t actually want to kill them off.

  2. Sam

    Shame about the gladioli – the one you have already is much more vibrant. Everything else is looking lovely, even if some plants haven’t quite come up where you expected or wanted. We are our own worst critics! After a few days of heavy winds and rain here I’m reluctant to go and see what damage has been done. Maybe later, if the rain lets up…

  3. jenhumm116 Post author

    Hi Sam, yes, we had loads of rain yesterday which was a bit of a relief as the watering of the pots was starting to get a bit of a pain already!
    I gather areas of Burgundy recently had hailstones the size of golf balls, I hope you didn’t get any of that!

  4. Cathy

    So much to look at – and if readers whizz through too quickly you might get away with them thinking the Mottistone borders were yours too! I think most of us are more critical of our own gardens than other people are – but we each have our own agendas of course. I was most impressed by agapanthus from seed – how exciting! – and the pelargonium/Princess Di combination is a great idea

  5. Cathy

    I think it all looks superb (as Cathy says, above, we probably were all temporarily thinking the Mottistone borders were yours – and we really ARE our own worst critics!) Sad about the gladiolus colour – I’d go ahead and complain, if I was you. She charges enough for her seeds/plants etc. to be able to take the criticism. Something that really impressed me (amongst so many lovely things) was behind the Bronze border (with Rose ‘Pat Austin’) – those wonderful Melianthus leaves! Do you cut the plants down in spring? I expect they over-winter perfectly with you.


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