In a vase on Monday – more golf flowers


Another golfing event – the Captain’s Dinner – led to another request for flowers.  I have to say a couple of weeks ago I was less than enthusiastic as, to my eyes, the garden was full of dying bulb foliage and not much else, but things have definitely moved on, and in the end there was plenty to choose from.

I only needed to prepare eight table decorations, plus one larger one, so the pressure was off compared to the original set of 20 in October .  The first plant I have copious amounts of currently is Cerinthe purpurescens.  This has self seeded everywhere to the extent that cutting for the arrangements was actually beneficial to clear it away from paths and grass.

For the purple arrangements I started with the Cerinthe and added purple sweet peas (still the Winter Sunshine ones from the greenhouse), Erysimum ‘Bowles Mauve’ and a few springs of lavender.IMG_0816

The pink arrangements contained Madame Gregoire Staechelin roses,  Euphorbia, Erysimum, Daucus Carota ‘Black Knight’ and a sweet pea that has self seeded in a large trough containing an Olive tree.  I think this is Lathyrus tingitanus which I grew two years ago in the greenhouse.  Quite how it’s found its way outside I have no idea, but I love the tendrils and its delightful colouring.  Sadly it has no scent.IMG_0817

The white and green contained more Euphorbia, as well as Matthiola incana, white Winter Sunshine Sweet Peas and a couple of Calendula buds.IMG_0818

And the carnival pink and orange pair had more Cerinthe, Geum ‘Totally Tangerine,’ buds of Rosa ‘Pat Austin’ and Pelargonium ‘Surcouf’IMG_0819

As well as the table decorations I threw together a larger arrangement which was designed around anything I could find that had some stem length.  The foliage was bronze fennel and black cow parsley (both of which seemed to be inclined to droop), with Euphorbia, larger heads of Daucus Carota,  Nectoscordum siculum, Allium ‘Purple Sensation’, Sisyrinchium striatum and Rosa ‘Snow Goose’.IMG_0808

With many thanks to Cathy for hosting this lovely meme.  Why don’t you see what others have in their vases this Bank Holiday?  Now I must get in the garden!

9 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – more golf flowers

  1. Cathy

    Christina is so right! What a good eye you have. I particularly loved what the Cerinthe did for your first vase and the Daucus carrota for the last arrangement. I adore bronze fennel, but I agree with you about it wilting too much. The last time I used it the effect lasted for only a few hours. Do you think it could be treated somehow to last longer. Your arrangements are a joy – thanks for sharing! (Not even mentioning that you’ve used Mme Gregoire – one of my all-time favourites …)

  2. Cathy

    You have done yourself proud Jen – what lovely displays and in fact having this challenge (the golf one) must be quite empowering as in our homes we generally wouldn’t be creating such large displays. Well done you – and what a great selection of material you were able to find, something that IAVOM has helped you with, I am sure, seeking vase opportunities on a regular basis. I would love cerinthe to self- seed here, but so far it hasn’t…

  3. Kris Peterson

    Your garden must be exploding, Jen! I don’t think I could fill 8 vases, at least not without denuding my garden of all its floral color. You did a masterful job with your latest assignment.

  4. Cathy

    Gorgeous colour combinations and what an array of blooms! Really love the pink pelargonium with the tangerine geum and peachy rose buds. Wonderful!


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