Oh what a night! as the song goes.

Having a bedroom with south facing windows often makes for a rattly night, but last night was something else.  Being located at the far eastern end of the island means we’re normally spared the serious south westerlies that often batter the Needles at the other end, however, last night, when the wind was due south and we certainly felt it.

Thankfully we woke to no serious damage, the wierdest thing was that the barrow, despite being weighed down by three large terracotta pots, had blown over.  What’s strange is that the barrow fell over forwards, towards the south.  All I can assume is that the pots somehow shifted and then it over balanced.  Thankfully none was broken.

Similarly, two of the small terracotta pots on the kitchen windowsill which featured in a previous Wordless Wednesday, had also blown off, but amazingly neither of these broke either.IMG_0281

Elsewhere on the dog walk we saw a few branches down, but again nothing serious.



Sadly, the biggest upset was the cancellation of the lunch for ten we were hosting, as none of the OH’s family could make it across the Solent to join us as all ferries were temporarily suspended.  And of course the complete irony was that by lunchtime the wind had dropped, the sun was out and it was sufficiently mild to eat lunch outside!

Time to build that bridge…

5 thoughts on “Wind!

  1. Chloris

    What an awful storm, I hate lying in bed listening to it. It brought down one of my birch trees which is a sad loss. What a shame having your Easter party ruined by it.

  2. Cathy

    Amazing none of those pots broke! And shame about the lunch … can’t see a bridge ever happening though..! I do like to hear wind in the trees but yes, extremes are a bit scarey. Glad to hear there was minimal damage only


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