In a vase on Monday – Wedding Flowers’ return – plus a bonus


Some of you will remember the saga of last year’s wedding flowers when I was attempting to get both Narcissus and Muscari to flower simultaneously for my step-niece’s wedding.  It involved giving up a certain amount of fridge space to hold the Narcissus Elka back, whilst bringing the Muscari into the warm to help them along.

All was fine on the day, and it’s been a lovely reminder that a few spare pots are reflowering now and have been brought inside and put on the kitchen table.

Sadly, the Muscari, got very eaten this year and I seem to have lost the majority of the flower buds.IMG_0038

The bonus is this gorgeous bunch of flowers brought by our neighbours (they of the red squirrel tree) when they came for lunch yesterday.  The beautiful yellow iris (from their garden1) matches perfectly with the pale Narcissus and, together with the Blackthorn blossom, provides a gorgeous spring tableau.  Thanks Jane!



Thanks too to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting all our Monday vases.

12 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Wedding Flowers’ return – plus a bonus

  1. Christina

    Lovely to have a reminder of the wedding; the Iris from your neighbours garden is beautiful and incredibly early – Irises seem to have a mind of their own when it comes to second flowering or an early appearance.

  2. AnnetteM

    How wonderful that your pots have flowered again – shame about the Muscari though. At least it didn’t happen last year! That iris is gorgeous – is it early for you down there?

  3. pbmgarden

    Your Narcissus are lovely–nice to have the special memory attached to them. Like the previous commenters, I am surprised the iris is blooming already. It’s a nice pale shade of yellow.

  4. Cathy

    It’s a gorgeous shade of yellow, so much more attractive than the bright yellows (in my opinion). And good to see your wedding flowers returning! I shall have to revisit your posts about the wedding flowers as I am doing posies and buttonholes for Younger Daughter’s wedding…

  5. Kris P

    There couldn’t be a more perfect pairing than that vase and those pots! I enjoyed seeing the handsome red squirrel too. I wonder if I’d like my squirrels better if they were red.

  6. Julie

    What a lovely reminder of last years wedding (I remember your trials well!). They look lovely with the blackthorn blossom – mine has been flowering for weeks now. What a lovely gift from your neighbours – I am particularly impressed by that iris.

  7. Hannah

    I love the bad-tasting Narcissi being left alone by the animals, too bad about your Muscari, Jen. The frilly creamy irises and Blackthorn look great with them, and I like the teasel seedhead accents. I have Calla lilies from my son’s wedding still returning after 17 years, a nice memento.

  8. Cath

    It’s a lovely grouping of pale yellows, especially with the dark teasels I love that colour and don’t really have enough of it.

  9. Bec

    That’s really excellent that the daffodils came back – what a shame about the muscari. I’ve got tête a tête in my vase this week… I’m looking forward to more irises (I don’t have any pale ones like this one)… Think I might plant some next year 🙂


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