RHS Early Spring Plant Fair


Like the Frustrated Gardener I too went on a rather rushed vist to the RHS Early Spring Plant Fair at the Royal Horticultural Halls in Westminster last week.

There’s something rather naughty about abandoning work to immerse yourself in a large, airy hall suffused with the very un-City smells of foliage, soil and lovely winter flowering shrubs.

As well as numerous Tete a Tete Narcissus, I just loved this N. Spoirot on the Broadleigh Gardens stand.111

Making a stunning contrast to the Narcissi (and rather thin on the ground Galanthus) the bold Anemone coronaria from John Cullen Gardens.054

More bulbs in the form of gorgeous Irises, including some new ones as yet unamed.

And a witty display from D’Arcy and Everest.071073

Over in the Lindley Hall a mystery solved – the name of a stunning climbing I’d seen as a proud purchase rather overwhelming a departing visitor as I was arriving – Hardenbergia violacea ‘Happy Wanderer’.  A little Googling tells me this is a native of Australia and hardy down to -5C.  I think if there had been a second one for sale I would have been very tempted.


At the back of the hall we were treated to a sneak preview of a number of this year’s Chelsea gardens – the ones which took my fancy are by (clockwise) Cloudy Jongstra, Nick Bailey, Hay Joung Hwang, Cleve West and Chris Beardshaw.

A fascinating exhibition for someone who spent a large slug of their Saturday completing their fourth assignment of the Planting Design course!

Thanks RHS for a lovely oasis in what turned out to be a pretty tricky work week!

2 thoughts on “RHS Early Spring Plant Fair

  1. Sam

    How great to be able to pop in to the Westminster Halls. I haven’t been there for years. It’s great to get to meet the growers and actually buy plants, etc. And great to have a peek at upcoming Chelsea gardens! How are you getting on with your course?

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      I’m really enjoying the course, and they’re a lovely group of people, but the homework assignments require a non trivial amount of time – lucky the kids have flown the nest! And I’m certainly loving drawing pretty flowers with my new colouring pencils 😉


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