Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – February 2016


Looking back at last year’s GBBD post there certainly weren’t any daffodils, and, whilst I still haven’t got many, there are a few.  The one above, Narcissus ‘Cragford,’ is the first of the new bulbs purchased for the new beds.  This one, with its orangey trumpet, is in the Bronze Bed.

In addition there’s a multi headed one that grows in the drive bed and always flops as it is too top heavy, but it’s looking pretty and fresh in today’s sunshine (at last!)


and a few cheery Tete a tete in a pot by the front door.IMG_9977

Plenty of hellebores still IMG_9996IMG_9963IMG_9994IMG_9964

including a new one,  Helleborus ‘Anja Oudolf’, that I treated myself to this weekend.  I was looking for speckles,  but settled for stripes!

Some of you many know that Anja is the wife of New Perennial garden designer Piet Oudolf, and, on a Valentine’s theme, I have to say I don’t think there are many things as romantic as having a flower (particularly such a beauty) named after you.IMG_9979

As well as my Cornus mas, flowering since December by the front steps,IMG_9961

my two Hamamelis are also flowering now, H. ‘Arnold’s Promise’IMG_9997

and H. ‘Aphrodite’.  Aphrodite was in full flower this time last year when I bought her, but currently only has a couple of blooms.  Hopefully there are plenty more to come – she’s certainly in a much better spot than Arnold, but he’s not complaining.IMG_9967

My little self seeded primula is also flowering again.   I do love this colour and tried to grow more from collected seed, but they didn’t germinate.  Any tips?  I suppose they may well not have come true anyway.IMG_9987

I nearly finished with yet another photo of my Leptospermum, still going strong, but instead have plumped for the Rosa Flower Carpet Pink in front of the fresh limey heads of Euphorbia characias ‘Wulfenii’.  Roll on spring!IMG_9980

With thanks as ever to Carol at May Dreams Gardens who hosts the GBBD.

11 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – February 2016

  1. Island Threads

    you have got a lot of daffodils out, beautiful booms, I would suggest dividing your primula, I have a similar or same one that just seeded into the garden but has not seeded around like primula vulgaris does, when it finishes flowering dig it up and replant each rosette on it’s own, they will bulk up again, I did it with Primula vulgaris ‘Drumcliff’ last year and each rosette is now 2 or 3, Frances

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Thanks Frances. I have thought about that but it’s growing between two paving slabs and I’m a bit nervous I might just break it from its roots. Perhaps I could get a strong helper to lift up a slab so that I could gain safer access?

  2. Chloris

    How lovely all your February blooms look. Isn’ t it amazing how long hellebores last? I can’ t think of anything else that lasts as long. My witch hazel have finished now, they were all so early this year.

  3. Frogend_dweller

    I love those self-seed primula and have a fair number of dusky pink ones in the front garden. They are all different, different tones and different markings of pale yellow. I’ve never tried to sow seed though, I just move the babies around.

  4. rusty duck

    Anja Oudolf is a stunning hellebore. Possibly my favourite. I got one last year. She came back too, not as strongly but they do take time to settle in. Glad to see your Aphrodite witch hazel in bloom.

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      I do like Anja, but it occurred to me perhaps I should plant her somewhere away from the others, as she does look rather different. In the meantime she’s still in her pot while I work it out/find a minute.

  5. Cathy

    Yes, Anja Oudolf is indeed very lovely. Looking back at last year’s photos here suggests things were now at the same sort of stage even though they started earlier. Interesting to compare, isn’t it? Lovely to see the sun shining on your blooms


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