Whistlestop Wisley


Running early this morning (for once!) on our way to a birthday lunch in Edgware, I had the spontaneous idea of stopping at Wisley for a quick circuit.  As an RHS member I’m allowed to take one adult guest, so it didn’t even cost anything.

It certainly wasn’t a comprehensive visit, but it was a beautiful morning and just lovely to see an old friend.004

Our circuit took us past the Conifer Lawn and then up through the Rock Garden, where I spied this stunning cyclamen, glowing in the low winter sunshine.008

On to the Alpine House, packed full of stunning specimens in pots, set on gravel beds.


From here we walked up to the viewing mound to look towards the glasshouse (which I still think of as new, despite being built in 2007).017

The borders on either side of the path, the Glasshouse Borders, were designed originally by Piet Oudolf around 2005, and mum and I went to an excellent talk by him at Wisley shortly after they’d been planted.  The design features ‘ribbons’ of planting which are easy to see from this elevated position.  There was warmth to the grasses, but proper heat from the Salix ‘Yelverton’.


We didn’t have time for the glasshouse this visit, which was a shame because it’s hosting a display of butterflies until 6th March.026


Turning back towards the entrance we walked through Seven Acres with lake and striking cornus.031



There was more colour from a couple of interesting trees I’d not come across before – Corylus maxima ‘Red Filbert’


and Tilia cordata ‘Winter Orange.’


Thanks Wisley, it was lovely to see you again.

4 thoughts on “Whistlestop Wisley

  1. Sam

    Ah this post has perked me up! I love Wisley and miss it so. I volunteered here weekly for about three years before we moved too far away and I haven’t visited for nearly four years. Gosh. Too long. You’ve motivated me to make sure I get up there for a visit soon. Lovely photos. Thank you 🙂

  2. Cathy

    As Elder Daughter lives within easy reach I have been a several times in the last couple of years – good to see a garden in different seasons, isn’t it? And as a member, like with the National Trust, flying visits are feasible as you have just described in your post. Since I last went I have realised there is a section I have completely missed out – so that is a must for next time!

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