In a vase on Monday – clean and clear


Those of you who’ve ever been chez Duver Diary will know that I’m not the tidiest, always prefering gardening, and even ironing, to tidying and cleaning.

Today’s vase was actually created on Sunday when the OH’s brother and wife came for lunch and, as it was just the four of us, we ate in the kitchen.  Consequently the far end of the kitchen table, usually the site of a pencil pot, placemats, various gardening books and magazines and a laptop or two, was cleaned and cleared.  And in their stead I placed this equally clean and clear vase of hellebores.

The vase was bought a couple of Christmases ago from Oliver Bonas and was one of those gifts you buy for yourself when you’re supposed to be Christmas shopping for others.  I’m not sure it has featured on IaVoM before, but it’s great for when your blooms are limited and you don’t want to detract from them, as with these lovely hellebores:IMG_9879IMG_9881



Why don’t you visit Cathy’s site to see what others have in their Monday vases? and I’ll get back to re-cluttering.  This tidiness is making me uncomfortable…


19 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – clean and clear

  1. Cathy

    I am glad you felt the need to explain away the VERY tidy surface, Jen! Even on the rare occasion mine look remotely tidy despite a vague desire to keep it that way recluttering is not far away! I don’t think we have seen that vase before but it is indeed lovely, and delightfully so with the addition of hellebores. Thanks for sharing

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Hi Cathy, amazingly some of the clutter has stayed away and interestingly it does make me feel a bit calmer and more in control. Perhaps there is something in this tidiness thing.
      But then again…

  2. homeslip

    I can’t wait to move some of my clutter down to the cottage. I’m not too untidy but I’m definitely not minimalist. Did you sear the hellebore stems in boiling water? I picked a very early hellebore last autumn, seared it and it lasted in an arrangement for nearly a week.

  3. Kris P

    That’s a wonderful vase – and I love the flowers too! I recently discovered the bloom of a dark red hellebore in my own garden and have already taken several photos of it but can’t bear the thought of cutting it. Hellebores aren’t easy to grow in my climate so I was thrilled to get a bloom.

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Hi Kris, I know what you mean about not wanting to cut them, but the weather here has been so filthy I’ve barely been outside to admire them, so thought I’d bring them in.
      To be honest though, I don’t find they last that well cut, so if you can admire them in situ I’d leave well alone…

  4. Chloris

    I love your vase, it is so easy to find nice things for oneself and so difficult choosing for someone else. I love the dark hellebore; well they are all lovely. I spend ages going round the garden, trying to persuade them to lift their heads and not stare at the ground all the time.

  5. Cathy

    I also love that vase, as well as the beautiful hellebores in it. The deep red one is perfect. I nearly bought myself a new vase while Christmas shopping for other people… I know exactly what you mean! (I will be going back to the shop it was in for another look soon though!)

  6. Hannah

    I’m with you, I prefer the clutter of activity. But your wonderful vase, like trunks of a tree, is so elegant for displaying your large Hellebore blooms, Jen. I’m so looking forward to my hellebores blooming, and I love the way they self-sow and multiply too, and surprise me with new colors. I love the deep plum ones especially.


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