Santa’s succulents


Ever bought a gift for someone near and dear you rather fancied for yourself?  No?  Just me?

As Christmas loomed near I realised I’d spent a fortune on the ‘kids’ but not a lot on the OH.  As he professes an interest in succulents, I suddenly thought if I could find some plants online I could plant them up in a wire tray I already had, and make an extra gift that I would like too.

A little Googling found the site.  And after a happy half hour browsing their lovely site (see photo from the site below) I put in my order,

Echeveria ‘Chocolate’IMG_9796

Crassula arborescens ‘Blue Bird’,IMG_9792

Aeonium ‘Velour’IMG_9798

and lastly (a rather chewed looking) Haworthia ‘King.’IMG_9794

They’re currently tucked up in the greenhouse, unlike the rest of the collection which is still outside under the glass canopy.IMG_9800


There are few single pots too which I’m planning to swap in when I get round to it – Echeveria ‘Pearl of Nuremberg,’IMG_9805

and here again with close relative, Echeveria ‘Duchess of Nuremberg’ (back).


And lastly my absolute favourite, Echeveria ‘Blue Waves.’IMG_9803

5 thoughts on “Santa’s succulents

  1. Sam

    I bought my husband a few books that I’d had my eye on… These succulents are lovely and I like the way you’ve displayed them. Wire baskets are a great idea. I do like succulents very much but I’m not very good at looking after them.

  2. digwithdorris

    Succulents are a fave in my house too. I have all sorts but never know which variety is which. Mine are sharing my dining room and the tougher ones are out in the un heated cold frame. I love your Pearl of Nuremberg, super.

  3. Cathy

    Seeing your wire basket again reminded me that I haven’t yet copied this good idea here, where my wire basket has been sitting idle for too long…. I hope the OH appreciated your present as much as you did!


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