Yearly round up – 2015


2015 was the first time I’d planted dozens of tulips directly in the Swing Beds, having previously faffed about planting them in pots and then moving them in and out.  And, in classic gardening happenstance, they didn’t flower as I’d planned at all!  The tulips I’d planted as mids, ‘Pink Impression’ (above) flowered first, and on their own, and then these were followed by (supposedly) April flowering ‘Mistress’ and May flowering ‘Menton’ flowering together (below). The whole show was an absolute joy.

This year I’ve planted more tulips, but in the two new beds, so time will tell as to how perennial these three in the Swing Beds out to be.IMG_7022

As well as the tulips I also planted more Alliums.  I found the new Alliums ‘Violet Beauty’, a little disappointing, but the extra A. Purple Sensation I added, were fabulous as ever.IMG_7231

And the Diving Lady got a new, early bath in the form of Iris reticulata ‘Blue Note’.


As well as new bulbs, 2016 saw the creation of two new beds, firstly the ‘Mid Century Bed’, below, named after the lovely metal structure the OH bought me for my big birthday.

The theme was supposed to be bruised, purply colours, but, as with the bulbs, there was a welcome ‘mistake’ to enjoy in the form of this Ranunculus, theoretically ‘Purple Heart’, but I rather think not.IMG_7715

I planted some roses for this new bed too, including R. Jubilee Celebration (no, not very bruised either!)IMG_7967

and Rosa ‘Falstaff Climbing’ to grow up the obelisk, but the plant that really stole the climbing show this year was the ‘Rhodochiton atrosanguineus‘.


The second new bed has a bronze or orangey theme.


Many of the plants were grown from seed, including this Nasturtium ‘Caribbean Crush’ and the beautiful grass Hordeum Jubatum.IMG_8240IMG_7930

There was another new rose here too, R. Pat Austin.IMG_8906

And later in the year the ridiculously floriferous Dahlia ‘Happy Singe Date’.  This just went on and on and formed the basis of numerous peachy vases of flowers.



In June I opened the garden for the third time as part of a village group opening, in aid of the island’s Earl Mountbatten hospice.  I had over 150 visitors and some lovely comments.IMG_7889

Also in 2015 I was lucky enough to visit numerous gardens both on and off the island, including the Sir Harold Hillier garden in February (and again in August)IMG_0411

Arundel Castle in May,IMG_7089

Mottistone Manor in June,IMG_7677

Osborne House in (March and) August


and Great Dixter IMG_9124

and Bodnant in October.2015-10-29 11.28.44 HDR

As well as my own garden and garden visiting, I dipped in and out of Cathy’s lovely ‘In  a vase on Monday’ meme, including sharing the saga of the wedding flowers 

as well as this group of vases created in October when the OH became captain of his golf club.IMG_9349

And, on the basis that it’s a very rare gardener that ever stops learning, I went on courses at Great Dixter, Common Farm Flowers and West Dean.  And then, to top it all, in September signed up for a Level 3 course in Plants and Planting Design at Capel Manor college, which I’m absolutely loving.  Which reminds me, I really need to get on with my holiday homework!

Wishing you and yours a fabulous, flowery 2016, and thank you so much for supporting Duver Diary with your views, likes and comments.

10 thoughts on “Yearly round up – 2015

  1. rusty duck

    Fabulous year, especially considering the amount of time you now spend away from the garden. I love the bronze bed, it’s rapidly becoming my favourite colour to incorporate within a scheme.
    A very Happy New Year to you too.

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Thanks RD! Being away from the garden does sometimes make things tricky, but it probably also helps concentrate the mind when I’m home!
      And yes, I’m a big fan of orangey/peachy tones, but have really struggled to fit them in with all the pink, hence a whole bed so I can wallow in them. I have wondered about adding some contrast (blue Salvia?) but think I like it the way it is. (Having said that, it will change anyway next year as there will be new annuals,to play with!)

  2. The Frustrated Gardener

    What a fabulous year you’ve had in your lovely garden. I particulaly enjoyed your observations on tulips (mine never flower to plan either) and your photographs of the gardens you’ve visited. Plus I love your new garden feature with the rhodochiton climbing so elegantly up it. Wishing you all the best for 2016!

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Thanks Dan. As you mentioned in your round up it’s definitely useful having a blog as memory ‘pensieve’. I don’t think I would have remembered half the gardens I’d visited without it, and there have been some corkers – Hilliers and Bodnant we’re stand out for me.

  3. Chloris

    Lovely photos of your garden, what a successful year you have had. I don’ t know how you manage it when you spend so much time working in London. It all looks fabulous.
    Happy New Year Jen.

  4. Sam

    What a fabulous round-up – very interesting to see the development of your beds and I look forward to seeing the influence of your course on your planting. I love the photos of the gardens you’ve visited too. You’ve sparked an idea in my head – off to research courses nearby me! Happy new year Jen. X

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Thanks for this, and all your other lovely comments, Sam.
      If you can find a course nearby you should jump at it! I’m loving mine, not just the learning but a lovely group of like minded people too. I’m not promising how well I’ll be able to translate the knowledge into action, but it has started me looking at things rather differently. Shame I didn’t do the course before I planted the new beds! Ah well. I can always dig up some more lawn 😉

  5. Stefanie

    Hi Jenny, it’s the fifth already and only now that the children are back to school do I reluctantly get out of holiday mode and in front of the laptop… Still: A very happy new year to you, too!! May there always be sunshine and just enough rain for the garden to thrive 😉 and lots of fun along the way with arranging flowers, planting, doing courses and garden visits and generally happy times for you and your family! I enjoy your pictures and posts, and – since I’ve seen the next one already – great job you’ve done with the commissioned arrangements!!

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