In a vase on Monday – Christmas!


Somehow in the Christmas rush I failed to post a Merry Christmas message, so, belatedly, I hope you all had a fabulous time.

Today’s vase is really a repeat of last year’s – a vase for my sister to add to her Christmas decorations.  She was hosting Christmas for ten, including me and my family for the second year running, so it was the least I could do.  Sadly, however, this one was done in rather more haste, and it shows.  Not only were the ‘mechanics’ rather obvious, but one stick had lost its adornment completely.  To be fair, it had traveled over a hundred miles, but it had shared the back seat with my ‘kids’ (18 and 19) rather than the boot with the dog like last year, so I’d hoped it would have been better looked after, but apparently not!


The chillis were left over from my Padron Peppers grown in the summer in the greenhouse.  I didn’t keep up with the picking and so these small, green, relatively mild peppers ended up as larger, fiery red affairs, fun for a vase, but may be not so much fun on a plate!

The greenery was provided by bay leaves (did I ever tell you I have a veritable bay forest?) Euphorbia characias wulfenii,IMG_9757

Phlomis and Garrya elliptica.


To these I added some small, wired red baubles, as well as some foliage I’d sprayed silver. Below you can see the extraordinary seedheads from my bottelbrush, Callistemon.  IMG_9754

This spraying has been a bit of a try out for the arrangements I’m supposed to be providing for the golf club’s New Year’s Eve party.  Last time, I prepared flowers for the golf club I was able to use plenty of fresh flowers still blooming in the garden, this time pickings will be a lot slimmer.  Wish me luck, I’m already worrying!

With thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden who hosts this lovely meme.

17 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Christmas!

  1. Eliza Waters

    Love the chili peppers – a great idea! I’m sure your New Year’s arrangements for the golf club will be fabulous – don’t worry, you’ll pull it off with aplomb! 🙂

  2. Kris P

    Despite your protestations, your vase looks very pretty and festive to my eyes! I was excited to see the Garrya elliptica. I recently planted one of these shrubs and I’m holding my breath in the hope that it establishes here without a problem. It’s native to California but reportedly doesn’t handle intense summer heat well and it’s been very hot (as well as dry) here the last few years. Best wishes for a happy new year!

  3. Hannah

    Your arrangement has a grand scale, Jen, and lots of bright Christmasy red thanks to the glossy peppers and shiny glass balls. I really like the hanging silvery Garrya foliage too, a nice touch.

  4. Cathy

    Gosh – was that golf club do really a year ago?! The peppers are brilliant for a Christmas vase and doesn’t the garrya look great with them? The bay forest sounds useful too. Thanks for making time to share

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Thanks Dorris. I’ve just had similar transport issues with the NY arrangements, but that was more to do with potholes between home and the golf club, rather than car participants! Watch this space….

  5. Christina

    A lovely arrangement and I’m sure your sister will have appreciated it. A very happy anew Year to you and your family. I hope 2016 is a very good gardening one for us all.

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