In a vase on Monday – last hurrah?


It’s funny how, as the number of garden blooms reduces, you suddenly notice things you hadn’t during the relative abundance earlier in the year.

Today’s vase was prompted by the realisation that the inherited rose by the front gate (any clues as to a name?) was a good match for the Scabiosa atropurpurea Fata Morgana still hanging on in the Bronze Bed.  The rose is having a fabulous second flush, but I can’t believe it can last for much longer, hence the title.

The rose starts with a beautiful peachy bud which gets paler and more creamy/yellow as it opens.IMG_9511

The Scabious has been a little disappointing as I thought it would be even more more peachy, but it’s been flowering for months and even looks good as a fresh green bud,IMG_9510

All in all a rather soft, summery vase – doubtless my subconscious remaining in denial of the current season!

Why don’t you head over to Cathy’s site and see whether others are doing a better job of embracing the autumnal season, or clinging on to summer like me?

6 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – last hurrah?

  1. Cathy

    Can’t help on the rose, but such lovely blooms – and undamaged by the rain. The scabious are indeed perfect with them, even though they weren’t as peachy as they promised to be. Thanks for sharing Jen – and making time to post a vase !

  2. Hannah

    I love peach, the pale peach roses are so special, so frilly. They are gorgeous with the Scabiosa, I’m thinking of growing them next year. It’s interesting they keep going so long.


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