Back to school!


So, did any of you read this article in September’s RHS Garden magazine?IMG_8952

Or see these adverts in the gardening press?IMG_8953

Well I did, and one thing led to another…

The Garden article, by Ade Sellars, described his experience during the past year studying for the RHS Level 2 course at Capel Manor’s Regent’s Park campus at the age of 43 (ha, baby!)

It was interesting for a couple of reasons, firstly, I was feeling rather envious of my daughter heading off to uni and a whole new world of people and knowledge, and secondly, I’d heard of Capel Manor but had no idea it had a Regents Park campus.

A little research established that the RHS 2 course was running on a Tuesday evening, one of the days I’m in London, so I went along in my lunch hour to enrol.  By extraordinary serendipity, Andrew, the chap I needed to meet with, was tied up with someone else, so I picked up a brochure and started reading about the other courses they ran, and one immediately caught my eye – ‘Plants and planting design’ (Level 3).  A quick chat with Andrew established that I’d need to persuade Capel Manor’s head of Garden Design that I was capable of a Level 3 course (with no previous relevant qualifications) and a sort of telephone interview took place the next day.  I gabbled about my love of plants and planting, and promised that my maths and art were sufficiently good that I would be able to draw to scale(!) and I was in.

I actually missed the first two weeks as I was away, but have now been to two classes and am absolutely loving it.  Spending an evening talking Latin, with lovely, fellow plantaholics, and looking at photos of gorgeous planting, with an informed tutor explaining all from a design perspective.  What’s not to like?

This weekend saw me completing my first assignment, and the time flew by in a flurry of research, planning and drawing.  And do you know what I found hardest?  Drawing the bloomin’ circles!  Who knew?

Roll on next Tuesday.IMG_8955

13 thoughts on “Back to school!

  1. rusty duck

    Good on yer! I did an interior design distance learning course (which I never finished) a few years back and absolutely the most difficult part was the drawing. CAD was forbidden!

  2. Cathy

    How exciting for you Jen – and looking back you must be wondering why you spent those few years (how many was it?) at home when you are now not only working but getting involved in higher education too! Who knows what is round the corner (apart from circles, that is)!

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Hi Cathy, it was only about fifteen months, and even then I was contracting on and off, but I’m certainly happier being busy. (See this week’s IaVoM for proof of just how daft I am…)

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