In a vase on Monday – four ways!


Some of you will have already seen the bucket of flowers picked at my Cutting Garden on Sunday afternoon:IMG_8440

Well this is a quick post (as End of Month View beckons) to see what happened to them.

The first vase (top) is obviously sunflowers, but also a couple of stems of Nicandra physalodes, the shoo-fly plant, which is growing about 6ft tall in a corner of the cutting garden, not planted by me.  It has fascinating black/green bells which ultimately open to purple.

Below, Cosmos Double Click Snow Puff and Purity, together with the stalwart Salvia Horminum ‘Oxford Blue’ and lastly some Molucella laevis, all of a sudden quite tall – so proud 😉


Next, a mad mug of blooms to take to London tomorrow, more Salvias, this time together with Antirrhinum Liberty Classic Crimson (which survived from last year), Zinnias, Cosmos and Dianthus Green Trick.


And finally, yet another little peachy number, this time for the spare room where my mother in law has been staying for the weekend with Sedum and Dianthus (both left over from last week’s vase), Zinnias and Antirrhinums.  I think this ones my favourite, which one’s yours?


And whilst certainly not the finest arrangements, it’s been such fun to have so many blooms to play with!

Why don’t you go and see what others have found for their Monday vases at Rambling in the Garden with Cathy?

6 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – four ways!

  1. Cathy

    Ooh, a favourite? Not sure as they are all lovely in different ways but your massed bucket is stupendous! Now, to pick your brain – my couple of molucellas were tiny, but you say yours suddenly shot up….any idea why? Did you cut your salvia back to get these fresh new blooms? I tried to selectively cut out spent flowers but would a chop have been more effective? It is so useful to share ideas and experiences, isn’t it?

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Hi Cathy, I think the Molucella just grew because of the recent rain. I have to say I haven’t staked any of mine which was definitely a mistake as numerous ones are very ‘kinky’ which certainly doesn’t help their height.
      I didn’t give the salvias a good chop just tried to dead head individual ‘spires’ when I noticed they were over, like you. However the result is that some are looking a bit leggy now, so perhaps more of a chop would have been better if you could bear to be ‘bloom free’ for a period.


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