End of month view – August 2015


What a grey day!  I should have taken my photos yesterday when everything looked a lot more cheerful.  This looks like an end of October view.

As you can see, a lot of colour has already gone from the garden.  Whilst the Verbena bonariensis and Erysimum Bowles Mauve are doing their best in the Lavender bed in the foreground, in the main Swing Beds, you have to get closer to see much in the way of flowers.

There are Cosmos Double Click Cranberries (the same as in the Cutting Garden) together with Aster Frikartii Monch, Geraniums and Phlox.  I particularly like the Aster and have recently taken cuttings in a bid to fill out the bed with more next year.


In the same bed, but looking the other way, you can see a few roses are blooming, but this year the sweet peas on the netting at the back have been a complete disaster.  I planted less densely than in the past thinking that giving them more space might back them flower better, but I think they struggled with lack of water early on, and just never got going.

After two disappointing years I think I might just plant some taller plants at the back of these beds rather than keep trying with the sweet peas, which only really worked well the once.IMG_8447

In the Grass Bed I pulled out the majority of the Verbascums as I really didn’t like their dead flower heads and instead planted some left over Zinnia Raspberry Cordial.  These are only just getting going, and not sure their habit matches at all well with the soft grasses, but I’m trying not to worry about that, instead I’m just thinking of yet more peachy flower arrangements!IMG_8449

In the Mid Century Bed, the Malope in particular has got a  little chaotic,  but there is still quite a lot of colour.


Here the Rosa Munstead Wood with Salvia and CentaureaIMG_8445

In the other new bed, things are looking a bit of a mess because of the grasses.  Whilst I love the Hordeum jubatum, it has been rather flattened in the rain and is giving the bed a very unkempt look. Lucky the dahlias (D. Happy Single Date) are shining out from the chaos.


Near to this bed are a couple of arrangements of succulents, which keep looking good whatever the weather.IMG_8452


The veg patch has also suffered this year.  Whilst the courgettes and runner beans are still going strong, the french beans have given up the ghost and the sweet peas, which did well in this bed last year have been almost as poor as the ones in the Swing Beds.

At least all the recent rain has kept the Diving Lady’s pool topped up.IMG_8446

Thinking ahead, I’ve recently been busy taking cuttings and here are a few, hopefully busy rooting as I type.  Oh how I love to propagate!IMG_8462

And to finish, the THIRD agapanthus flower grown from seed.  Did I say how I love to propagate?IMG_8466

With thanks to Helen at the  Patient Gardener  who hosts everyone’s EOMVs.

13 thoughts on “End of month view – August 2015

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Thanks Christina. I think I’m rather addicted to propagating – I’m rather prone to striking cuttings even when I’m not sure where I want them for.
      Ah well, there are worse addictions…

  1. rusty duck

    It’s been a really difficult year, especially for vegetables. Apart from tomatoes in the greenhouse, which always do well, I’ve thrown in the towel. Well done with the agapanthus seeds and what a fabulous blue!

  2. Cathy

    Thanks for sharing your End of august Garden Jen – it has been interesting to hear what has and hasn’t done well for you. Does your Verbenena bon. self seed? I have bought a couple of plants again in they hope that they will, but is there anything you would suggest to encourage them? And do you mind if I ‘pinch’ your succulents-in-the-basket-of-pots idea? My similar basket is devoid of plants too many years but I could virtually ignore succulents in them, couldn’t I? Well done with your propogating – I am not ready to get ‘into’ that yet, but I daresay the time will come!

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Hi Cathy, yes the Verbena seeds everywhere – particularly in the pebble paths – but it’s easy enough to pull out if it’s in the wrong place. I don’t think they like to be too pampered – they’re growing in nothing but dust in the paths!
      And of course you’re welcome to the idea of succulents in a basket – I’m quite sure I wasn’t the first. 😉

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