In a vase on Monday – just peachy!


After the success of last week’s peachy vase I was inspired to go bigger and here it is.

The vase has more of the Zinnia Raspberry Cordial, IMG_8435

Antirrhinum Orange Wonder,  Dianthus Green Trick, as well as green heads of Sedum Autumn Joy.

These have been joined by first pickings of Scabious Fata Morgana.  This is growing in the Bronze Bed and has turned out less peachy than I was expecting, but does seem to be getting rather more orange as the flower heads age.IMG_8436

But the new flower I’m most excited about is this Dahlia – Dahlia Happy Single Date.  Such a lovely colour.  What with my Raspberry Cordials and my Happy Single Dates I feel plenty more peachy vases to come!IMG_8438

With many thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden who hosts all the lovely Monday vases.  Why don’t you ramble over and see what everyone’s found for their vases this week?

5 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – just peachy!

  1. Cathy

    So has this one not gone to work?! What a lovely combination – I am especially intrigued by the scabious as this is the first year I have successful have some (courtesy of Hayloft) and am loving them so want more! And your dahlia too – is it going to be orange when it opens, or still more on the peachy side? The antirrhinums are a perfect match for these and the zinnias. Thanks for sharing Jen ps I accidentally clicked the wrong key and deleted your comment with the link, but retrieved it from trash and answered it. So far though, it doesn’t seem visible on the blog so if it doesn’t reappear in due course I shall add your link myself so people can find you. Sorry 😉

  2. Hannah

    I love warm peachy colors, what a lovely assemblage! The Antirrhinums remind me of gladiolas, and I like their trailing stems. The Happy Single Dates are great with the oranger centers. The green poufy balls of the Green Trick are so cute. The whole arrangement is so full and nicely rounded.


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