Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – August 2015


Many of my current blooms are annuals grown from seed this year and the one above, Malope trifida Vulcan, has been amazing.  To be honest it probably should have been staked, but I’m quite enjoying the chaos and colour it brings.

Also in the mid century bed is my new dark rose, Munstead Wood still going strong.IMG_8211

In the other new bed, the Bronze Bed, there are Poppies, Papaver nudicale Party Fun.IMG_8242IMG_8239

Nasturtium Caribbean CrushIMG_8245

seen here through a curtain of Hordeum Jubatum.IMG_8240

together with Achillea terracottaIMG_8244

and Scabious Fata Morgana, which as feared, isn’t quite as peachy as I’d hoped, but pretty nonetheless.IMG_8241

In pots I have plenty of pelargoniums including this lovely scented one Pink Capitatum.IMG_8235

And at my cutting garden, I have these magnificent Sunflowers growing from seeds kindly sent to me by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden.  We thought they were Ruby Eclipse, but they’re rather more yellow and enormous!  IMG_8249

As well as these giant sunflowers, I have also grown two smaller varieties, Helianthus cuc Italian WhiteIMG_8251

Helianthus Vanilla IceIMG_8250

Er, spot the difference?

As well, there are plenty of Cosmos Double Click Snow PuffIMG_8255IMG_8253

and Cosmos Double Click CranberriesIMG_8256

The Antirrhinum, A majus Orange Wonder which I was tempted to move back home, of course never got moved, and is having a second flush in the Cutting Garden.


Another Cutting Garden stalwart is the Salvia horminum ‘Oxford Blue’


This year I’ve gone a bit mad with Zinnias, planting Zinnia Benary’s Giant Lime, Zinnia Benary’s Giant Scarlet, Zinnia Benary’s Giant Wine, Zinnia Raspberry Cordial and Zinnia elegans Queen Red Lime.  Sadly the Queen Red Lime didn’t germinate  well and those that did ‘damped off’ but the rest are just starting to produce their fabulous bright blooms, on good strong stems, perfect for cutting.IMG_8259

with plenty more to come.IMG_8260

One group of flowers which really hasn’t fared well this year are my sweet peas.  They struggled with the dry weather early on, and have certainly suffered more from greenfly than any year I can remember – perhaps because they were stressed by the early drought.  But I still love them, roll on next year.IMG_8224

With many thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens  for hosting everyone’s GBBD.

7 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – August 2015

  1. Chloris

    Lots of lovely blooms. I have grown Malope this year. It is so pretty. I love your peachy Nasturtium. My zinnias are not quit out yet. I am looking forward to them, I love yours, what an unusual colour. My sweet peas haven’ t been brilliant either this year, despite all the care lavished on them.
    What a success your cutting garden is this year.

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      The cutting garden is a joy. I’m only getting there once a week and yet it delivers a giant bucket of (regenerating) blooms with very little input from me. Perfect!

  2. Cathy

    One of my ‘Ruby Eclipse’ is huge too – but perhaps I didn’t pinch it out like the others. I think I will buy seed of it next year but would like to try some of these paler sunflowers too like yours. Your zinnias sound brilliant – well done! I shall keep persevering… Great photos by the way

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      I know the owner of my cutting garden plot loves the big sunflowers so I’ve been encouraging him to help himself. Perhaps he wouldn’t have been so keen on true Ruby Eclipse, so all’s well that end’s well. And as ever, there’s always next year…

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