End of Month View – July 2015


Oh dear, two day’s late for EOMV, but on a positive note, a whole new perspective.

The photo above was taken from the roof of the building we call the ‘office’ (because that’s what the previous owners used it for).IMG_8041

Having now completed my two new beds I’m looking for a project, and my latest dream (partly inspired by sipping cocktails last weekend with my now 18 year old daughter on the rooftop Sky Lounge of the Amsterdam Hilton), is the idea of a roof terrace on top of the office.

The views over Bembridge Harbour are much better than elsewhere in the garden as the height allows you to see over the trees, and, even more excitingly, the roof gets the sun late in the evening which none of the rest of the garden does.

I’m not sure what I’d ever be able to plant up there as we’d have to build some sort of structure over the current roof as it doesn’t have any structural strength,  but I would love there to be some planting – may be some wafting grasses?  Oh, and a very comfy outdoor sofa.

I told you it was a dream…

Back to reality, and the garden is really parched. The Swing Beds should be filling up with annuals and dahlias, but both both seem quite slow to get going – the dahlias in particular are way behind the ones in pots and still very short, and I feel this must be due to lack of water.  And the sweet peas on the netting never really got going this year.IMG_8050

In the right hand Swing Bed there is a lovely clump of Aster Frikartii Monch looking good in front of the Phlomis.  The equivalent Aster in the left hand bed is looking rather sorry for itself.  I really love this plant and must remember to take some more cuttings.IMG_8051

The Grass Bed still has its magnificent grasses, but everything else is looking rather sad.  I’ve decided I’m going to pull out the Verbascum – Verbascum chaixxi album.  It just doesn’t flower for long enough (maybe again drought related) and the dead spires are in my opinion just rather ugly.  I remember the first year we had the garden I just put in Cosmos Purity in this bed in front of the Stipas and they were absolutely great.  I think next year I’m going to go back to that.IMG_8052

The troughs that run along the the front of the raised decking are starting to fill out with annuals – Cosmos, Salvias and Ten Weeks Stocks.  Unfortunately they’re rather bullied by the unwanted (but don’t tell the OH as he planted it) vine, growing along the railings and are all falling forward. However, I quite like the ensuing chaos, and so haven’t rushed in the stake them.IMG_8049

As for the new beds, the Mid Century Bed is going from strength to strength – probably because I’ve been much better with the watering.  The centaurea are turning into huge clumps and there’s definitely some staking required of these.  Likewise the gladdies, have suffered in the high winds and many are now at angles that it would be generous to describe as ‘jaunty.’



In the new Bronze Bed, the Achillea are continuing to fill out and some of the Nasturtiums have really taken off.


The three dahlias planted here are yet to flower, but the Hordeum Jubatum grasses are still going strong and they’re fabulous.  (Maybe they’re a contender for the dream roof garden!).

One other plant grown from seed this year which has been threatening to flower for weeks has finally started This is Scabious Fata Morgana which I chose because of its apricot tone.  I have to say these look rather yellow to me, but I’ll have to see whether they change colour with age.  They’re certainly a lovely flower shape and on good long strong stems.


And to finish, my poor neglected veg patch.  I’ve been away both last weekend and this one, as well as working in London Tuesday to Thursday both weeks, so sadly everything has got a little out of hand and the veg patch is probably the worst example.

Not only has it not seen any water, but nor has there been any picking going on.  Whether my French Beans ever start cropping again remains to be seen, but in the meantime I’ve had two lovely mini breaks!IMG_8043

With thanks as ever to Helen at the Patient Gardener for hosting everyone’s EOMVs.

4 thoughts on “End of Month View – July 2015

  1. jenhumm116 Post author

    Hi FD, yes you’re right it’s a Rhodochiton. I’m really thrilled with it. I’m hoping I’ll be able to overwinter it outside, but guess I should save seed in case it gets frosted!


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