Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – July 2015


Whilst many of my roses have already gone over – hastened I assume by the very dry weather – these Rosa Flower Carpet are still going strong and, if prior years are anything to go by, are likely to continue until well into October.

There’s this new one too, featured last Wednesday, but worth another peek – Rosa Jubilee Celebration.IMG_7967

And one more rose, also in the Mid Century bed, Rosa Falstaff climbing, growing up the obelisk with the Rhodochiton atrosanguineus.IMG_7970

One plant I’ve always loved is Agapanthus and I’m thrilled that one I’ve grown from seed is finally flowering.  I planted out dozens in both the greenhouse ‘Med Beds’ and at the back of the strawberry bed.  Sadly it looks like this is the only one to flower this year, but hopefully more will follow in the future.IMG_7953

This white Agapanthus I’ve had for years and is growing in a pot, thriving on neglect.  I’ve also grown seedlings from this plant which I need to work out where to plant.  Perhaps they are better in pots?  I’ve read that Agapanthus flower better when their roots are constricted, but then I’ve read that’s not true too!  Any thoughts?IMG_7954

Another genus I’m having a good year with is Dianthus.  I bought a couple of this one last year (sorry lost the name), but they didn’t do so well, and, despite their sweet scent I wasn’t impressed,  However, this year, they’ve clearly got their roots down and have done brilliantly. They’re great in a vase and last and last.IMG_7971

This one, Dianthus carthusianorum, sown as seed last year, is finally flowering in the Swing Beds.  I really like the clear colour and the strong, wiry stems.IMG_7977

And lastly this Dianthus Green Trick, also great in a vase.  This was bought as cuttings from Sarah Raven this spring, and then I grew lots more from cuttings.  I really should take some more cuttings as the colour is so green and fresh at this time of year when so much foliage is looking tired.IMG_7980

Another new plant grown from seed this year are these ‘Ten weeks stocks’.  I’m not usually a fan of mixed colours, but so far they’ve all been lovely, and, like the Ruby Punch Stocks featured in yesterday’s In a Vase on Monday, smell gorgeous.IMG_7978

Lastly, a couple of plants in new pots created this year in front of the office in the garden. This Clematis is Princess Diana, IMG_7957

planted together with this Pelargonium Surcouf.  IMG_7955

With thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens  for hosting everyone’s GBBD.

7 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – July 2015

  1. Janice

    Enjoyed your ‘bloom day’ post, beautiful roses. If you get a chance , check out my agapanthus. They’ll be on the post before my ‘bloom day’ post, titled ‘Three ‘must haves’ in my Central Florida, full sun, garden’. I started out with very small plants and it did take them a few years to mature. They do like to be crowded, I only separate mine every 6 years or so. Good luck with yours.

  2. Chloris

    I love all your July blooms. So satisfying growing Agapanthus from seed and each one comes up different. How long did yours take to flower? I haven’ t noticed any difference between the ones in pots and the ones in the ground. Maybe the ones in pots do slightly better because they get fed.

  3. jenhumm116 Post author

    I have to say I’ve lost count of how many years as they spent at least one summer (could it have been three?) is seed trays, around 3″ tall while I tried to work out what to do with them. It probably has been 4 or 5 year, but I’m sure they were held back by my neglect!
    I’ve got some more, both the white ones I mentioned (well I assume they’ll be white) and some grown from a shorter blue variety, Tom Thumb, which are now in a similar 3″ condition. I think I need to buy (yet) more pots as there’s nowhere for them to go in the ground!


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