In a vase on Monday – split personality?


I’m late in the date joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for ‘In a vase on Monday’ as although I’d picked my blooms yesterday (in the rain) I needed to do some work before I found time to arrange them.


All of these blooms were picked from my little cutting garden on a plot I’ve ‘borrowed’ within a walled garden down the road.  I meant to take my camera to show you how it’s progressed since I first blogged about it here, but completely forgot.  Hopefully the output will give you a clue!

Looking at my bucket of goodies I decided to go for two themes – one mad and bright for the kitchen table and the second rather more serious to take up to work in London tomorrow.

For the first, I chose my beautiful Orla Kiely vase given to me last Christmas by my awesome big sister (with exquisite taste).  The vase is deceptively roomy and certainly gobbled up all the flowers – lucky I had so many!


A couple of flowers were new to me this year, firstly the Antirrhinum majus Orange Wonder.  This was grown for the new Bronze Bed, but in the end I decided I had enough there and planted it in the Cutting Garden.  Now, I’m loving it so much I’m wondering whether I could move a couple back into my garden!


Also the Stocks ‘Ruby Punch’, which were grown from seeds from Plants of Distinction.  These were grown for the Mid Century bed, but germinated really well so I planted some leftovers in the Cutting Garden.  They definitely need staking which I haven’t done, and so they’ve ended up decidedly kinky, but they still smell divine.IMG_7992

As well as these two newbies, there is plenty of the stalwart Salvia horminum Oxford Blue,IMG_7990

numerous sweet peas as well as Cosmos Click Cranberries and Dazzler.

For my little work vase I chose a white and yellow theme.


This included the first of my Helianthus Vanilla Ice


as well as Cosmos Double Click Snow Puff.  I think both this very double oneIMG_7996

and this one, are both Snow Puff.IMG_7997

And lastly some white sweet peas, the single Cosmos Purity and Dianthus Green Trick.IMG_7998

As always I’ve had great fun with my vases.  Why don’t you go over to Cathy’s and see what everyone else is up to?

7 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – split personality?

  1. Cathy

    That first vase is indeed lovely jubbly – a real jewel! Those orange antirrhinums are real stars as is your stock. I have sown some stock for the first time for next year – white and pink so far. Is your salvia the same as clary sage? I used to know it as clary as teenager and didn’t think of it as sage or salvia till many years later – if it is the same then this is the variety I have grown and am really pleased with. And your double cosmos! I must try again with those. Do you feel that taking flowers to work is on its way to becoming a habit? I hope so! Thanks for sharing both vases 🙂

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Thanks Cathy. Yes, it is clary sage, it’s a great ‘doer’! And the more I think about the snapdragon, the more I want to bring it home. Do you think it would survive the move?
      The work flowers are definitely a habit, it’s just the blogging about them that’s sometimes hard to fit in!

      1. Cathy

        I am sure if it came with enough root and soil it would be fine – not like the one i tried to extract from between bricks outside the front door!

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