End of month view – June 2015


I’m joining Helen at the Patient Gardener to share my June End of Month view.

As some of you know, I opened my garden on Sunday for the local hospice as part of a group opening, and I have to say when I got back from work on Thursday I was devastated to see how exhausted everything looked.  Despite some watering and tidying there were definitely areas that were past their best, but the show must go on and I actually got lots of lovely comments (and over 150 visitors!)IMG_7889

All the photos, apart from the one above, were taken in Monday’s bright sunshine, and I’ve struggled a bit with the light levels.  The one above however, was taken during the opening, and you can see it was a lot greyer.  Luckily (for the visitors, not for the garden!) we missed all the rain bar a few drops.IMG_7907

The Swing Beds were definitely struggling, and even the roses which had looked so lovely the weekend before, were going off a little.  There are Dahlias and Cosmos and Dianthus carthusianorum (grown from seed) amongst other things still to come here, so I hope I can keep it going.


The Grass Bed has a very limited palette of plants, just the grasses (Stipa tenuissima), looking lovely at this time of year, the self seeded Cerinthe, Allium ‘Hair’ (which has been very badly ‘rusted’ this year), the Verbascum chaixxi Album I grew from seed and the Catananche caerulea, which are new and I just love.  However, around all this is much bare soil, following the disposal of all the dead forget me nots, but I’m not sure what else to add.  I still have various seedlings kicking around, so perhaps I’ll pop some of them in.  IMG_7903

Above is the new Mid Century Bed which is really starting to fill out.  The Ranunculus are still going strong and have now been joined by the first of my new roses to flower, Rosa Munstead Wood, just gorgeous.  I’ve also planted some annuals here including Centaurea cyanus Black Boy, Daucus carota Black Knight, Molucella and Malope.  The Centaurea are just starting to flower, but hopefully the rest will have appeared by next month’s EOMV.

In the other new bed, the Bronze Bed, some combinations have worked, including this one of Calendula Sunset Buff, Achillea Terracotta and Nasturtium Caribbean Crush.IMG_7892

But in common with the Swing Beds, the overall look is a bit exhausted.  However, this picture does show clearly why I wanted the new bed as you can see just how shaded the Oak bed is, in comparison, across the lawn.IMG_7893

In the veg beds, the beans and peas are all rushing up their poles, we’re having the best Raspberry crop ever IMG_7913

and the Diving Lady has again got somewhere to swim


The raised cutting beds are still looking rather empty apart from plants that overwintered.IMG_7917

But the barrow, which has been a bit of a mess for quite a while, had a good tidy up in honour of the opening, and is looking rather pretty again.IMG_7915

The barrow sits to the right of the greenhouse and this year I’ve added some more orangey plants here too.  Firstly the Antirrhinum Orange Wonder, which I’d originally grown for the Bronze Bed but decided there was more room here

IMG_7919and also the Lathyrus Belinensis, grown in pots either side of the greenhouse door.  These have been really slow to get going but are now starting to look more settled.  They don’t grow as tall as ‘normal’ sweet peas, and nor do they have the same fragrance, but I love their bicoloured flowers and how they work with both the brick and the pot.  I just need them to fill out!


And to finish, the one bed looking untouched by the recent heat – the Shady Bed looking cool and calm.  IMG_7920

With thanks to Helen for hosting this meme.

14 thoughts on “End of month view – June 2015

  1. rusty duck

    Well I for one am very envious, ‘exhausted’ or not your garden still compares very favourably with my attempts to establish new planting on my difficult slope. I love the colours, in the bronze bed especially and that top picture is sublime.

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Thanks Julie. I feel it definitely looked better the week before for my daughter’s party, but that’s the thing about gardens – we can’t freeze them in time, even if we’d like to, they just keep moving on!

  2. AnnetteM

    That is a lot of visitors. Congratulations. I offered my garden as a visit for my new gardening group, but they had already organised their schedule for the year. I thought it would spur me on to make my garden better. They said maybe next year but I am now wondering if my garden is good enough – it is quite a scary though isn’t it.
    Your garden is looking lovely, especially all the oranges in the barrow and the bronze bed combinations.

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Of course your garden’s good enough! And whilst it can be a little scary, I just love how it’s made me tidy up all sorts of neglected areas!

  3. Julieanne

    Congratulations for the open day. You say the garden looks exhausted but it looks good to me and I’m sure the visitors enjoyed it.

    That top view with the conservatory is utterly gorgeous, and great planting with the barrow & bronze bed. My flowers in my cut flower bed are still quite small too – a relic of the colder weather, up until the last week. With the warmer weather they should shoot up quickly now.

    For for Grass Bed, how about Verbena bonariensis? It would add height, great for butterflies and I found goldfinches love it seed heads in winter.

  4. jenhumm116 Post author

    Hi Julieanne and thank you. And good thought for the grass bed – it’s one of the few places I haven’t got Verbena bonariensis, I love it!


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