End of month view – March 2015


All of a sudden, spring has sprung.

This morning (Monday) was beautifully sunny and everything was looking so perky and fresh. Above are a few spare wedding flowers which never made the cut for this weekend’s trip to the bright lights, but they seem happy to have stayed at home.

There’s a lot of other interest at this time of year from pots and containers.  The bath by the front steps has finally filled out, and there are still tulips to come. IMG_6444



and in the trough Narcissi Minnow have just started flowering.IMG_6456

The two Swing Beds have daffodils (Narcissus Jenny) and Forget me nots already flowering, but so much else on the verge.IMG_6459



The Grass Bed has temporarily (?) lost its willow alliums after wind damage over the weekend, but is looking good with just the Stipa tenuissima and the Forget me nots.  They do seem a deeper blue this year – do they fade over time?IMG_6455

The two lavender beds are starting to fill out too, but both still need a proper tidy up.IMG_6449


The Oak Bed is probably at its best this month, with hellebores, bergenias and more Jenny daffodils.IMG_6445

And here’s another shot of the reprieved Phormium near the front door.IMG_6441

But the real excitement, is the beginning of the two new beds.

We’ve already admired Hamamelis Aphrodite in the Bronze Bed, but she is now definitely past her best.  However, she’s been joined by a few things – some bought in Tulip Prinses Irene, some Calendula ‘Sunset Buff‘ grown from seed and Libertia peregrinans, a gift from my friend Louise at the Old Rectory garden.


There’s still plenty more to come, largely grown from seed, to try to keep the cost down, but I did confess to splashing out on some new roses here.

The Mid Century Bed has been named after the structure the OH bought for my 50th last year after I’d admired something similar in a magazine and he went and got it made by the local blacksmith!  It’s been waiting well over six months for its final home, and here it is.


As well as my lovely obelisk (not strictly but not sure what else to call it) the bed now contains lots of transplanted Cerinthe, some bought Digitalis Mertonensis (I grew some from seed but as they’re still only about an inch or so across I can’t see them flowering this year) and some bulbs.

But as you can see, there’s still plenty of space, which couldn’t be more exciting 😀


With thanks as ever to Helen at The Patient Gardener for hosting our End of Month Views.

12 thoughts on “End of month view – March 2015

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Thanks Lea. I’m looking forward seeing it swathed in rose blooms in the summer, but good to know it will look good year round. Lucky me!

  1. Cathy

    I am especially impressed with your colourful pots and troughs – and the fact you seem to be posting more frequently since you went back to work! Great sculpture (but not as nice as your willow ones….?!)

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Thank you and yes, I know what you mean about the number of posts. I am a bit concerned I’m rather rushing everything – both photos and writing – but I seem to have had quite a few unique events going on that I wanted to share! I’m actually away for a week soon, so expect things will be very quiet then.

  2. digwithdorris

    Your garden is blessed with lots of sunshine and those troughs and pots look stunning. Your new frame is going to be a great vertical edition to those beds. lovely.

  3. hoehoegrow

    What a beautiful garden you have created! So interesting and I love the planting in your containers.having a new bed to play with is always exciting. Your climate must be so much milder than ours as there is no way I could plant young Cerinthe out now. Also, your tulips are out are one are still coming through – we are in Lincolnshire.

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Hi HHG, thank you.
      And no, I didn’t plant out the Cerinthe, they’ve over-wintered in the garden and have just started flowering. But yes, you’re right, we definitely have a very mild climate.

  4. Yvonne Ryan

    Hi – I visited the Isle of Wight nearly 40 years ago in the ’70’s heat wave and drought! Was very pretty despite the brown hills. Watched yachting – exciting! We took a bus around the Island and was fascinated by the Holiday Camps – we don’t have them in NZ like that. Your garden is lovely and makes me miss my honeyword! In my last garden, a cottage garden, it used to pop up every year. Must get some seed! Enjoy spring – we are still having 25 degree c days after a hot summer – I loved it! Swimming still. Watering needed for our new bird bush and have lost some plants! Yvonne – Matakatia, Whangapararoa Peninsular, Auckland


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