In a vase on Monday – Saturday’s Wedding flowers


We’re just back from a rather mad London based weekend, attending two fabulous 50th birthday parties as well as my step niece’s wonderful wedding.

As some of you know, I have been fretting over the readiness of the bulbs I’d been growing for the wedding since my Advice please! post in February, and by Saturday morning I was all out of time.

The pots were tied with purple ribbon, packed in a big box and driven up to Chelsea to arrive by mid afternoon.  Carrying them all from the car to the restaurant where the reception was to be held was more than a tad scary, with the phrase ‘falling at the last hurdle’ spinning around my mind.  But I got them there without incident and arranged four to a table as agreed.

The Narcissi Elka were just right and very pretty (having spent at least two weeks in the fridge without any ill effects)


however, the Muscari Latifolium weren’t quite as advanced as I would have liked, despite a last minute move into the conservatory, but they provided a good contrast to the Narcissi, and were a lovely deep blue.



And the overall effect – well, judge for yourself!


With thanks as ever to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting In a vase on Monday.  Cathy, I hope you’ll forgive me for posting my Saturday ‘vases’ on your Monday meme!

14 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Saturday’s Wedding flowers

  1. Julie

    I am not sure if you have done wedding flowers before Jen but if not it sounds like an initiation by fire! Not just growing potted varieties for a particular date, but then transporting them to a Chelsea restaurant – I am sure it has given you a few sleepless nights. Well done – they look lovely & I am sure the bridal couple must have been delighted when they saw the tables. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will have bulbs for a wedding in three weeks – but if the temperatures don’t pick up soon I might have a problem.

  2. jenhumm116 Post author

    Hi Julie, no, never done them before (note I refused to get involved with the bouquet and buttonholes) and only did these as my sister kindly volunteered me!
    I actually quite enjoyed the logistical side of things, but it is quite stressful, which is a shame for such a lovely event and dealing with lovely blooms.
    I wish you all the very best for your wedding flowers in three weeks – I’ll be thinking of you.

  3. Cathy

    For some reason I couldn’t access this yesterday – the post seemed to have disappeared! I am so glad it worked well and still find it hard to believe you all the narcissi in your fridge at one time! They looked lovely and you obviously had a great weekend. I know I would enjoy the logistical side of this sort of task too, but of course I would be equally concerned about whether it would all come together. Well done you!

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Hah! Funny you noticed – I somehow managed to delete it. As you can imagine I was so cross, but luckily I managed to retrieve it from trash and repost it.

      1. Cathy

        I guessed something like that might have happened – and I have occasionally posted by mistake whilst in the middle of writing a post so have had to delete it and then retrieve it!

  4. Rebecca

    The flowers look wonderful. Your niece is lucky to have you (and your beautiful flowers) for her wedding. Weddings are so much more special and memorable when they have personal touches from family and friends included.

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