In a vase on Monday – beautifully bruised


A very simple ‘plonked’ vase today, inspired by a late afternoon pop into the garden.

I noticed for the first time that the pink of the hellebores was pinked up by the tips of the (inherited) hebe, and a simple two item arrangement was born.

Today’s jug is a contemporary one by a company called Repeat Repeat.  They’re based in Stoke on Trent (where my mum came from!) and sell a number of ranges, but the china I adore is the flower themed ‘relief’ items like this one.  In fact, looking on their website just now, has introduced me to a whole lot more jugs I’d like…

Back to the arrangement, it really couldn’t have been simpler.  The rather woody stems of the hebes provided a natural grid like structureIMG_6112


to support what can be rather floppy hellebores.IMG_6113


In fact the hellebores are currently looking very perky, but how long that will continue in an Aga heated kitchen I don’t know!

With thanks as ever to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this lovely meme.  Why don’t you go and have a look at some other Monday vases?

23 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – beautifully bruised

  1. Cathy

    It must be Hellebore Monday today! 🙂 What an inspired use of this hebe as it’s a brilliant accompaniment for the hellebores – and even better it helps to hold them up. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous vase and its contents today, Jen

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Hi Kris, there is one called Hebe ‘Red Edge’ which looks similar.
      Mine’s really very leggy, but now I’ve seen how well it goes with the hellebores I think I might try to look after it a bit better!

  2. jenhumm116 Post author

    Yes, you’re absolutely right. I’ve replanted my sisyrinchiums near to a climbing rose after seeing how well they matched each other when I put them both in a vase!

  3. Julie

    A perfect combination – I think I will plant some of that hebe close to my pink and purple hellebores – it complements them so well. Good luck with your vase in an Aga kitchen – I have to move most of my flowers out into the cool hall if I want them to last!

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Hi Julie, not surprisingly the hellebore is now pretty floppy, but the unexpected thing is that the hebe has lost its pink tips, it’s just green and white now. How strange!

  4. Chloris

    Such a lovely combination of colours. I have just planted some hebes in my winter garden. Some of them, like yours have such wonderful coloured leaves.

  5. jenhumm116 Post author

    Hi Chloris, my (inherited) hebe is really very leggy and I’m now thinking I should look after it better. Do you know if I cut it back hard it will regrow from the base?

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