End of month view – February 2015


Well some bright spots of colour, but sadly not many in my garden!

The grass bed, above, is full of bulbs and self seeded forget me knots, but there’s little sign yet.

The Veg Patch is even emptier,IMG_6070

but the Swing Beds are looking a little fuller, with tidied mounds of herbaceous perennials at least providing some green.IMG_6071

The big news, however, is the creation of two new beds.  The first, the ‘Mid Century Bed’ is opposite the swing and at right angles to the grass bed (you can just see the grasses – and the digger – in the left middle of the photo below).  I’m still ruminating over what to plant here.  I had originally thought of concentrating on roses and peonies, but of course am now trying to think of ways to extend the season.  Also, I had originally though of a pinky/blue theme, in common with the rest of this area of the garden, but am now thinking of plummier, more ‘bruised’ colours, like those used in the Stoke City garden at last year’s Chelsea Flower show.  See reminder below, swoon.

As ever, your thoughts are welcome



The second new bed, the Bronze Bed, is directly in front of a long outside table.  The thought behind this new bed is that it is much sunnier than the Oak Bed (on the opposite side of the lawn, alongside the road), which is very shaded by the over-the-road-oak in the summer.  The new bed should get much more light and can hopefully be planted with blooms we can admire from the table.  I already have some ideas, and have bought many packets of seed, but the only plant to have arrived to date is my beautiful Hamamelis Aphrodite, still to be planted.IMG_6075


The Oak Bed, opposite the new bed, is starting to come alive, with hellebores and begenias flowering and bulbs pushing their way through.  However, post spring, it will be a relief to abandon this bed to the shrubs, and concentrate on the new bed instead.IMG_6077

And to finish, my lovely Diving Lady, whose pool is rather purple, but inviting nonetheless…IMG_6066

With thanks as ever to Helen at the Patient Gardener for hosting this End of Month meme,


20 thoughts on “End of month view – February 2015

  1. Julie

    Wow, you have more wonderful views, what do you look out onto from the steps down into your garden shot. I love plummy bruised colours and like the idea of extending your season. I also really like the irises in your last shot, my sister gave me similar container and I’ve been unsure how to plant it, love the colours together.

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Hi Julie, the view is of the mouth of Bembridge Harbour/the eastern end of the Solent, whilst the view by the over-the-road-oak is more the ‘body’ of the harbour.
      And glad you like the irises. I was pretty pleased with them myself until my husband came up with “they’re a bit purple aren’t they?”……

  2. digwithdorris

    Wow your garden looks really smart, and your Diving Lady looks like she is about to make a splash, I like the screen at the back of your veg patch. Is it home made? To extend the Season how about adding some Astrantia as they will flower for a really long season, how about Astrantia major claret to tie in with your bruised tones.

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Thanks Dorris. And yes, the screen was made by my OH. It’s a slightly odd set up where the veg patch is raised up and there’s a lower path around the back where the compost bins are, so we needed something to stop me falling over the edge!
      And great minds think alike about the Astrantias. As well as A major, I’d looked at Gill Richardson, but I hadn’t looked at A. Major claret.

  3. rusty duck

    My last garden had a permanently shrinking lawn, I was forever cutting into it to create new beds. Less of a problem here with very little lawn to start with!
    Love the sound of your planting schemes, plummy and bronze, two of my favourite colours.

  4. jenhumm116 Post author

    Thanks Rusty Duck. I showed the Bronze Bed to a gardening friend the other day and her immediate reaction was that I should have made it bigger. “You’ll soon fill that” she said.
    Perhaps next year will see a Bronze Bed extension (and associated lawn reduction!)…..

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Hi Charlie, thank you.
      We always want everything to hurry up towards spring, and then by late summer we want it all to slow down. I guess the key is simple, just enjoy each day!

  5. Helen Johnstone

    I like plummy bruised colours and they would link to the Phormium opposite. It looks a bit shady at the far end towards the building so you could have light plummy shades that end to brighten it and the dark ones in the foreground of the photo or the dark plummy colours might disappear in the shade?

  6. jenhumm116 Post author

    Hi Helen, thanks for that, and it’s a really good point. I need to watch the light closely as we have a lot of hedges and the higher sun in the summer does significantly change how much light reaches the garden, but this bed is easterly facing and so will undoubtedly lose the sun mid afternoon, so I need to be aware of that.
    I’ve found the same thing happened with dark sweet peas in other beds – you just couldn’t see them unless the sun was shining on them. Thanks!

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  8. Christina

    Hi there, I found your blog over Helen’s End of Month View meme, which I am also participating in. Your garden is extremely need and tidy, which I really like. Must be a lot of work to keep it up like this.
    When the new beds are planted your garden will looks even more gorgeous. Planting in a color scheme of pink and blue always works, but I like your color choices of “plummier bruised” colors much better, since this is a way more exciting color scheme that not everybody has in his/her garden :-)! The latter might be also more of a challenge to put together, but I think it is a very exciting one! Love, love, love the photo from the Chelsea Flower Show! Last but not least your Diving Lady stature looks awesome!
    Warm regards from Southern California,

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Hi Christina. Thank you so much and welcome to Duver Diary. It’s great to find other gardens/blogs via memes like Helen’s. I’m on my way over to your blog now….

  9. Julieanne

    For the Bronze Bed, how about Heleniums? There are lots of oranges, reds and yellows, they flower for months, are great cut flowers and would enjoy a sunny spot.

    I like how the Diving Lady has the irises to dive into.

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Hi Julianne, thank you, that’s a great suggestion. I love heleniums but had rather forgotten about them as the rest of the garden is quite pink, but they’d fit in beautifully here.


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