Resolve and realise – February 2015



Whilst writing down my January plans definitely helped concentrate the mind, as with all plans, they don’t necessarily go exactly to, well, plan!

Let’s run through last month’s list and see where I got to:

  • spring clean greenhouse (yuk!)

Well I hope you’ll acknowledge that the greenhouse looks a lot more spick and span than last month.  I’ve cleaned all the inside panes of glass apart from the very top, but think I’m going to have to get a window cleaner to do the outside.  I’ve also had a good clear out and power washed the floor.  Tick.

  • prune wisteriaIMG_5933

Tick!  Although it could now do with a feed.

(The pink toned leaves you can see are from the Cobaea scandens which is growing through the Wisteria.  It’s rather tatty now so I’m planing to replace it with something else)

  • prune vineIMG_5928


The vine runs along the front of the decking, at the back of the two troughs and was planted by the OH (a vine has never featured anywhere near the top of my plants wishlist).  It was also trained along a wire which ran along the base of the decking and as a result got knotted up with all the planting in the troughs which was very annoying.  So, as well as pruning, I’m delighted that I’ve also persuaded the OH to move the wire up by a foot or so which should hopefully reduce this summer’s entanglements!

  • dig and prepare new ‘bronze bed’


Hmm.  No tick.  Whilst I’ve dug down a spade full and marked the new edge of the bed, this represented six or seven wheelbarrow loads of heavy, clay soil and I’ve got in rather a knot as to what I’m going to do with the spoil.  At the moment I’ve been putting it in empty compost bags (see big white bags below) but think we’re going to have to pay for someone to ‘grab’ them away.

As a consequence I think I need a proper plan as to what’s going to happen with all the soil I’m digging out, as the last thing I want to do is have to move it a second time.   This one definitely needs to be carried forward…

  • sow more sweet peas
  • sow more broad beansIMG_5948

Tick!  Tick! (And the Sweet Peas are in my smart new rootrainers)

  • plant out bought replacement crocuses in pots (after a mouse had all of my bulbs)


Well Tick and then darn it, unTick!  It really is very annoying to lose bulbs for the second time. And the weird thing is that last year I had a lovely show of crocuses with no extra protection.

As I said in the comments after I posted this picture on Wordless Wednesday, I thought by the time bulbs were flowering, most of the goodness had been used up and therefore they weren’t as attractive to predators.  Clearly I was wrong.

I’ll just have to wait for the later bulbs already planted in these pots in what Sarah Raven calls a ‘bulb lasagne’

  • force rhubarb

Tick!  Forgot to photo, but I should also feed.

  • mulch all beds


Definitely no tick.  All I’ve done is to order the compost and manure I use for mulching.  A pathetic effort.  Definitely to carry forward.

So, for next month (which is thankfully longer than the two weeks I gave myself last time) the list is as follows:

Carried forward

  • dig and prepare new ‘bronze bed’
  • mulch all beds

and new for February

  • Order seeds (yay!)
  • Prune and feed raspberries
  • Prune and feed remaining roses
  • Pot up dahlia tubers
  • Chit potatoes
  • Sow chillies
  • Sow tomatoes
  • Sow hardy annuals
  • Start sowing hardy annuals
  • Plant out broad beans

If anyone would like to join me, please do, you’d be more than welcome, just leave a link with your comment

7 thoughts on “Resolve and realise – February 2015

  1. rusty duck

    What a fabulous greenhouse!
    I can dish out sympathy in bucket loads re mice. Planting bulbs is a non starter here. Last autumn I carefully sunk wire mesh baskets into the ground, planted iris bulbs into those, topped up with soil and attached more wire mesh as a lid. They came up beautifully. Until they started to flower and all the tops got nipped off! Mice, slugs, pheasants. Who knows.

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Sounds like a bulb nightmare!
      I loved my ‘Cream Beauties’ last year but realise now I was lucky to have them. Clearly word’s got out this year amongst the local mice population about my replenishing bulbs!

  2. Chloris

    I love making lists but the trouble is once I ‘ ve written a job down on a list I feel as if I’ ve done the job. A public list would be too shaming, A constant reminder of all I don’ t do.
    It seems a shame to waste all the turf, haven’ t you anywhere to pile it up, grass down? It makes lovely crumbly loam in a year or two.

  3. jenhumm116 Post author

    Hi Chloris, interesting your comment about the turf as a neighbour said the same thing. I’m just concerned that it’s fairly gloopy clay soil and surely it will stay like that, even if it has grass rotted into it? How can it turn into lovely loam?
    I’m definitely prepared to be convinced, not least because I still don’t know how I’m going to get rid of it (although I also can’t immediately think where I could store it for a year or two…..)

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