Resolve and realise – January 2015


You know that saying “if you want something done, ask a busy person”?  Well a year ago I was that person.  I was working (and staying) in London, three days a week, as well as working a further day from home.  Consequently, all my gardening had to be fitted in between Friday and Sunday. And do you know what?  I was far better at getting things done then than I’ve been over the last year, when I’ve been working far less, and rarely away from home overnight.  I find the lure of the sofa, a good cup of coffee and a gardening magazine often wins out over getting the wellies on and getting out there.  Procrastination, I love it.

But it’s got to stop, and this is my plan.  I’m going to share a monthly ‘Resolve and realise’ post where I plan (resolve) to do a number of things over the coming month and then the next month share what I’ve achieved (realised).  Not only do I think it will help concentrate my mind over what I should be up to, but it will certainly concentrate my mind over what I’ve actually done.  Bizarrely, I love a deadline almost as much as procrastination, and for me, it’s definitely the lack of one that leads to the other!

Obviously I don’t have any December resolutions to report on, so I’ll concentrate on (late) plans for January:

  • spring clean greenhouse (yuk!)
  • prune wisteria
  • prune vine
  • dig and prepare new ‘bronze bed’
  • sow more sweet peas
  • sow more broad beans
  • plant out bought replacement crocuses in pots (after a mouse had all of my bulbs)
  • force rhubarb2013 05 and prior 065
  • and mulch all bedsIMG_1292

If anyone would like to join in with me, please feel free, just leave a link with your comment.

In future, I plan to write these ‘Resolve and realise’ posts on the first Sunday of the month, so the next one will be on 1st February.


17 thoughts on “Resolve and realise – January 2015

  1. AnnetteM

    I agree entirely; since I stopped working I have really got the knack of getting through a day without getting much done. Actually I don’t need much encouragement to do things in the garden, it is the rest of my life that I have problems with – I need a list for clearing out the clutter and sorting out the paperwork, but that would be rather boring to post. I will see if I can come up with a gardening one once it gets a bit warmer.

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Hi Annette. It would be great if you could join in.
      And yes, you’re right, there are plenty of other jobs I’m still procrastinating over, but at least my tax return has just gone in!

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Thanks Dorris

      I cannot conceive of life without lists, and yet for some reason have never been very good with garden lists! The new world starts here 😉

  2. Cathy

    I am with you on liking a deadline to work too – but my problem in retirement is finding even more things to be busy with, and thinks I used to make time for before tend to get pushed to the back of the queue 😉 Good luck with your resolve…!

  3. Chloris

    There is nothing quite like making a list. Once you have made a list you almost believe that the jobs are done. Or as good as.
    That mulch looks like good stuff, but hard work. I think I need a sit down and a nice cup of tea after just looking at it.

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Hi Chloris I have to confess the photo was last spring’s compost delivery, I haven’t even got round to ordering some more. Must crack on. Well, maybe after lunch….

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