Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – January 2015


So, a funny GBBD – I seem to have a mix of ‘expected’ early spring flowers, like the Iris Gordon, above and belowIMG_5756

together with some tender, hot climate flowers that you think would know better.  For example Melianthus major has just decided to have a second flush of flowers right now:


But to continue with ‘expected’ flowers, I have a only a few hellebores so far –




Correa backhouseana,IMG_5775

the odd Clematis Freckles, IMG_5788

and my one paltry Witch Hazel, Hamamelis, (could be Arnold’s Promise, but now starting to doubt it after Chloris said it was the last to flower…)IMG_5770

Less expected at this time of year are succulent flowers.  These are in the (unheated) conservatory.  Two SempervivumsIMG_5749


and an Aeonium.IMG_5751

Meanwhile, outside, Anisodontea capensisIMG_5796

two Grevillea,IMG_5792


my incredibly long flowering LeptospermumIMG_5757

and my stalwart Fuschia microphylla.IMG_5779a

And in the greenhouse, in case you’re missing the sun, I’ll finish with Abutilon Orange Marion.IMG_5777

With thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens who hosts the GBBD.


10 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – January 2015

  1. AnnetteM

    How lovely to have Irises in flower in January. My garden is looking very sorry with not a flower in sight. I think I must get to the garden centre to see if anything is in flower there that I might use for next year.

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Hi Annette – I think it’s a LOT milder here than where you are. Do think I’d be blooming either if I was in your garden.
      On the positive side, I bet you’ve got plenty of treasures to come!

      1. AnnetteM

        It is certainly freezing here at the moment. Hopefully it is killing off all those nasty aphids that attacked my garden last year. Let’s hope I do have some treasures in store – if not I will just have to buy some more. I have lots of ideas from blogs I have been reading.

  2. Cathy

    My goodness there are some beauties there – and you reminded me I didn’t check my Freckles for blooms… AND that I must look into leptospermum as it has appeared in a few vases over the months…

  3. Julie

    Your garden must be slightly warmer and more protected down there, your Iris Gordon are really gorgeous. Is the Correa outside? There was a survey last week which said there are far more plants in bloom this January than there are normally. I am missing the sun too!

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Hi Julie, yes, the Correa is outside. I have two in matching pots, but strangely one is flowering much more profusely than the other. I can only think it’s to do with them getting different amounts of light.

  4. Chloris

    How lovely. You have got some treasures in bloom. Are the Grevilleas and the Leptospermum outside? I love Leptospermum but I always manage to kill it. That is a gorgeous Abutilon.
    And how nice to see Gordon. My irises aren’ t anywhere near blooming yet. I always look forward to them . Such little gems.

  5. jenhumm116 Post author

    Hi Chloris, yes the Grevilleas and Leptospermum are outside (although I do have another Grevillea in a pot which I have rather inconsistently moved into the greenhouse!)
    And I’m chuffed with Gordon too – my first foray into miniature irises and he’s a beaut! You just can’t have too many bulbs at this time of year, they’re so cheering. At the moment I’m completely devoid of snowdrops, so there’s a whole world of future discovery (and expense) right there…..


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