In a vase on Monday – just had to share


I promise this is my last Christmas themed post for the season, but I just wanted to share a creation other than the twigs.

This arrangement travelled over 100 miles and crossed stormy seas (well, the Solent) in the boot of the car.  And it was joined by the dog, the homemade Christmas pudding (mum’s recipe), the 12″ kransekake, and more bottles of wine than I care to disclose, to my sister’s, where it watched over a fabulous, festive, fun, family Christmas.

The foliage was a mix of bay leaves (we have a veritable bay forest at the back of the veg beds), Garrya ellyptica


and ivy, all foraged from the garden.IMG_5687

These were joined by some purchased rose hips, as mine, from Rambling Rector, had all been eaten (actually looking a bit tatty, tsk, M&S!)IMG_5681

as well as some home grown mini peppers (Mini Belle Yellow) and mini orange aubergines (Turkish Orange), impaled on green split canes.



I just wanted to share, because it was when I was blogging in October about the fact I didn’t know what to do with the peppers and aubergines once they were ripe (but the summer was over) that it suddenly occurred to me I could use them in a ‘fruity’ arrangement, and thought I could share on this meme.  So thank you as ever to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, for hosting.





19 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – just had to share

  1. Christina

    Glad you had a lovely Christmas celebration and for sharing the lovely vase. Can you tell me the exact names of the peppers as I think I would like to group some to use in arrangements too. Christina

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Hi Christina, they are literally called ‘Mini Belle Peppers’, I think I got my seeds from Premier Seeds Direct, via their Ebay store. If you look on line they have 33 different Sweet Pepper seeds, including red, yellow and chocolate coloured mini belles. Good luck!

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Thanks Donna – and the coincidence is that in my sister’s new house (she only moved in in the late summer) she has inherited orangey/red curtains, so the arrangement worked well in the room. Some luck!

  2. pbmgarden

    Really wonderful combination you assembled for your family’s Christmas celebration. Smart idea to use the peppers and aubergines. I had to look up Garrya ellyptica–it is very effective in your arrangement. Susie

  3. Kris P

    What an imaginative composition! I love that Garrya ellyptica. It’s appeared on other blogs and has peeked by interests, although I’ve never seen the plant offered for sale locally, even though it appears my zone may be suitable. I must hunt it down!

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Thanks Kris. Yes I love the Garrya too – I’m lucky enough to have inherited two quite large, mature specimens. (Well large enough not to worry about the odd snipping here and there!) You should see if you can get hold of one, the tassles are just lovely.

  4. Cathy

    Oh I am so glad you have shared this, Jen – and it reminds people that it doesn’t just have to be flowers or foliage in a vase. I love Garrya ellyptica – there was a very abused one at a school I used to work at and I was always amazed that it survived! I had the same thoughts about chillies, which is why they are in my wreath and there are a few teeny tiny squash which may appear in a vase one day too. Your arrangement looks great, so thanks for sharing it – rude not to!! 🙂

  5. Chloris

    What a great idea, I never thought of using veg like that but they are ideal for a Xmas arrangement. I might copy that next year. I love Garrya elliptica, the tassels are such a lovely shade of green.

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Thanks Chloris, I was glad to use them up. Although it was a bit daft to spend all that time growing the mini aubergines and then never even taste one!

  6. Julie

    Sounds a wonderful Christmas and your arrangement is really lovely, I laughed at the image of all of those things in your boot. How does the veg work, how have you been able to keep it fresh?

  7. Julie

    Hello again, I have written a blog today as I have been given a Leibster award by Chloris, the point being I am then asked to award 5 blogs I really like reading and I have chosen you, I hope thats ok. The details are on my last post, its a little time consuming but really its recognition of young blogs and yours is lovely.

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