Wildflower Wednesday – late November 2014


Although there’s been very little in the way of frost here, the Duver is now looking distinctly wintery.

Whilst there are odd flowers – like the cow parsley, Anthriscus sylvestrisIMG_5419

wild garlic, Allium ursinumIMG_5421

and bedraggled chamomile,IMG_5440

these are the exception.

The majority of plantlife is either brown and decaying – my beautiful Sea Thrift, all over for the year – IMG_5441

and likewise the wild carrot, Daucus carota,IMG_5433

or are resolutely fruiting in a last chance reproductive saloon – rose hips,IMG_5431

seed head of Iris unguicularisIMG_5425

and Black Bryony, (Dioscorea [or Tamus] communis)IMG_5462

However, one thing clearly thriving in the relatively mild damp, is the funghi.

Sorry no names, but aren’t they extraordinary?  And no, I haven’t eaten any of them!

With many thanks, as ever, to Gail at Clay and Limestone for hosting Wildflower Wednesday.

7 thoughts on “Wildflower Wednesday – late November 2014

  1. Chloris

    I forgot all about it today. Well done for finding things in bloom. What I have noticed round here is Meadowsweet having another go and lots of Hemlock.
    I’ m glad to hear you haven’ t sampled the toadstools.

  2. AnnetteM

    The seedheads do make lovely photographs though don’t they? I saw some of those toadstools when I was down in the New Forest – I was hoping you were going to supply the names! I tried looking some up, but identification is quite tricky. I would never dare to eat any supposedly edible ones, even mushrooms which I am pretty sure I can identify.

  3. jenhumm116 Post author

    Hi Annette, Sorry to disappoint! I think mushroom/toadstool knowledge is really very specialist and don’t think I’ve got the time or space in my brain – I struggle to remember the wild flower names…..

  4. jenhumm116 Post author

    Thanks Tina.
    Yes I love the seed heads too – very sculptural. It’s interesting how in the Autumn we get tuned into different, more subtle sights. Just as well really….


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