Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – November 2014


So it’s November, and whilst the garden isn’t exactly overwhelmed with blooms, there are still many flowers – and some quite exotic.  Firstly this orange abutilon, Abutilon ‘Orange Marion’. This is still sitting on my barrow and has been flowering non stop since June.  It’s in a large pot so will be brought into the greenhouse once frost is threatened, but in the meantime it’s enjoying the sunshine.

There are still roses flowering – Snow Goose,IMG_5385

and two inherited, nameless varieties:IMG_5352


Another good genus still going strong is Salvia, Salvia microphylla ‘Cerro Potosí’IMG_5376

unknown and IMG_5372

Salvia ‘viridis blue’, flowering in front of the Stipa tenuissima in the grass bed.IMG_5381

Climbers include Honeysuckle and IMG_5387

Clematis ‘Freckles’.IMG_5380

In the ‘med’ beds, this Potentilla nepalensis ‘Shogran’ is still flowering well.  I just love this particular shade of pink.IMG_5392

On the more exotic side, flowers which you think should perhaps know better than to be flowering in November, there is a Grevillea (is it just me or do the buds remind you of a rather pretty  fist?)IMG_5370

Marguerites, still looking cheerful despite the chill, IMG_5369

Nerine bowdenii,


Zinnia ‘Giant Dahlia Mixed’, in the cutting troughsIMG_5362

and the lovely diascia I was given by Nick Peirce from White Cottage Daylilies, which I wrote about here.  I really must ask Nick what it’s called.IMG_5378

And still the Verbena bonariensis come!IMG_5388

With thanks as ever to Carol at May Dream Gardens for hosting GBBD.

10 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – November 2014

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Hi Nell, we’re lucky enough (or should that be southerly/close to the sea enough) not to have had a frost yet.
      Many of these would be long gone at the first sign of frost. I’ll carry on holding my breath….

  1. AnnetteM

    It is amazing how much you still have in flower. Having seen so many pretty salvias on yours and other blogs I am going to try some other varieties next year.

  2. Cathy

    Yes – salvias getting another mention…..I have been wondering about them too. Is your diascia ‘Hopleys’ – a tall perennial one? Chloris has one and I bought one this autumn after seeing one in an NGS garden. Most striking. And yes, your Freckles is still there – hurrah! Look at your zinnias too – are these just odd flowers, or are they still going strong?

  3. jenhumm116 Post author

    Yes I think you’re right about the diascia, thank you. I really like it and should have taken cuttings earlier. I might still try, nothing ventured, and all that.
    And sadly, those two Zinnias are the last. Sniff!

  4. Chloris

    Lovely flowers still in bloom. You seem to like a lot of the same flowers as me, Jenny. You have the same Grevillea lanigera. It is gorgeous isn’ t it? Will you leave it outside for the winter? I daren’ t risk it and have it in a pot.

  5. jenhumm116 Post author

    Hi Chloris, yes mine’s in a pot too (and thanks for identfying it!), but I think I left it outside last year. It really is pretty mild here (famous last words….)


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