My over-the-road-oak – November 2014


A short post this month as we have family hordes descending for the mother-in-law’s 85th birthday this weekend, so I think I should probably have other priorities!

My over the road oak is definitely browning and the overriding colour is sadly no longer green.IMG_5305

Whilst there are still plenty of leaves on the tree, there are also plenty in the gardenIMG_5297

as well as by the steps.IMG_5301

Well I know one job I’ll be trying to fit in tomorrow!

With thanks as ever to Lucy at Loose and Leafy for hosting this ‘Follow a tree’ meme.  Go to her website to see what other bloggers’ followed trees are up to.



3 thoughts on “My over-the-road-oak – November 2014

  1. Lucy Corrander

    Fallen oak and beech leaves always look like a specially hard jigsaw. Hope you have great celebrations with your family.


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