Garden bloggers’ bloom day – October 2014


So many of the plants flowering now have already been featured in previous GBBD, so I thought I’d start with one that hasn’t.  This is Clematis ‘Freckles’, flowering on the pergola together with Rosa St Swithun.  According to it is ‘often out by Christmas and sometimes by November’.  Clearly mine doesn’t have a calendar to hand.

Other non-annuals flowering now include Aster Frikartii MonchIMG_5114

and Aster September Ruby IMG_5119

I’ve still got plenty of roses flowering, although many have been battered by the recent weather. This one was inherited and is, I think, Rosa Flower Carpet Pink.IMG_5111

These next three were also inherited, so I’m not sure of their names.IMG_5113


This last one is a bit of a joke as it is clearly very red when the rest of the garden is pink.  It was accidentally chopped right down to the ground by a builder when we were having a porch extension a couple of years ago.  I decided I wasn’t too upset as it didn’t really go with anything, but clearly, to spite me, it’s bounced back and is better than ever.

I can see it from the kitchen and I grudgingly have to admit that while it doesn’t match anything in the garden, it does go nicely with the Aga!IMG_5112

I love the dusky pink colour of this potentilla – I think it’s Potentilla nepalensis,.  I have a number of these plants in the Mediterranean beds and they’re flowering beautifully now, even though the weather could hardly be described as Mediterranean.IMG_5120

These can’t really be described as blooms, but I just love the flower shapes these succulent leaves make.  These are all still in the garden at the moment but expect they’ll all have to be taken inside by next month.

And a last non-annual – this is Pelargonium sidoides.  I just love the dark, rich colour against a silvery leaf and have even started cutting it for flower arrangements as the flower stems seem to get longer and longer as the season progresses.  I really must get round to taking more cuttings.IMG_5118

And to finish, an avalanche of annuals – all I think featured before, but all still flowering their socks off, bless them!

Zinnia, Giant Dahlia Mixed (the first bloom looking rather strangely glossy in the rain)IMG_5121IMG_5123

and Zinnia EnvyIMG_5124

Two Cleomes, C. Cherry Queen and C. Violet Queen.  The colours are more different than the photo would would suggest.

Marigolds – although some have succumbed to powdery mildew, many are still going strong.IMG_5125

 Nasturtium Black Velvet.  These stopped flowering completely after the summer drought, but are flowering beautifully again now – they seem to be relishing this wet weather.IMG_5117

And to finish, my Tithonia rotundiflora ‘Torch’.   I planted around 8-10 plants out back in June, and now have a veritable hedge, 20 ft long and 6 ft high.  Beats Leylandii any day.  IMG_5126

With thanks as ever to Carol at May Dream Gardens for hosting GBBD.


7 thoughts on “Garden bloggers’ bloom day – October 2014

  1. Alana Mautone (@RamblinGarden)

    Our GBBD is rainy here in upstate New York – in fact we have flash flood warnings out. I enjoyed your “rainy” photos, knowing that, thousands of mile from me, zinnias and roses are still blooming. Although my garden hasn’t been hit by frost yet, many in my area have. Our turn might come next week.

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Hi Alana, thanks for commenting, and yes, it was pretty wet.
      Funnily enough my daughter’s heading to New York on a school trip this Saturday so please say hi!

  2. AnnetteM

    Today is absolutely pouring in Aberdeen, not that I have many flowers left to photograph either.
    Lovely to see you still have many blooms looking good. I love the Clematis Freckles – I must look it up to see if it would grow up here. Also the Pelargonium sidoides is a wonderful colour.

  3. Cathy

    Hi Jenny – I nipped over straight away when I saw ‘Freckles’ on your entry on Carol’s blog. One of my favourites, my replacement one is getting going after my original flowered non-stop for 3 years then gave up the ghost! You have lots of other lovelies blooming just now – but how does your tithonia get to be 6 feet high and 8-10 plants reach 20feet long?! 🙂 Admittedly my second sowing after the first failure wasn’t till the end of May, so I now have something to aim for next year!

  4. Chloris

    Lovely blooms and it is fantastic how the roses are going on and on. I am so impressed by your Freckles in full bloom. What a surprise. It is so pretty.

  5. digwithdorris

    I love your freckles, well not yours, but, you know what i mean….I have had to put my succulents under glass already so yours are doing really well. And you have a super photo of my all time favourite geranium, Sidoides. That reminds me I need to bring him in too. ( do you think of it as a him?)


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