My over-the-road-oak September 2014


So whilst the year advances, my over-the road-oak continues its sentry duty high above the Duver.

And yet what is this?  Well firstly, a little oak apple, barely bigger than an acorn (but no acorns, which would fit last month’s suggestion that this is not a ‘Mast’ year).


But secondly, look at these leaf spots:IMG_4698

Should I worry?  Well I don’t think so.  I’ve spent some time looking online at all the nasty things that can attack oak leaves (rust, canker, downy mildew etc) but eventually came across this comment on Oak Leaf Gardening:

“Finally, spots appearing in late summer or autumn could just be due to the natural process of the leaf dying prior to the dormant winter period.”

So I think I’ll calm down, and sit and enjoy the canopy while it’s still here.


With many thanks again to Lucy at Loose and Leafy for hosting this ‘Follow a tree’ meme.

6 thoughts on “My over-the-road-oak September 2014

  1. AnnetteM

    That is a magnificent tree. You are doing so well finding things to talk about every month. I have rather failed with my tree! By the way not sure that your link to last month’s post is working, unless it is my internet!

  2. jenhumm116 Post author

    Hi Lucy, Yes I agree about the oak. I expect it’s happened every year, I just haven’t being getting ‘up close and personal’ to notice.
    I find it one of the joys of this meme (and blogging in general) that it’s really made me stop and look!

  3. Laura Bloomsbury

    Looks tough enough to withstand all that nature throws at it – have always assumed that the lack of acorns in our squares is due to the plethora of squirrels – now realise it may or may not be mast years


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