In a vase on Monday – Original pickings


Today’s vase is all about things I’ve never picked before.

Firstly the Sisyrinchium striatum which is taking over the Swing Beds.  It occurred to me that both the creamy yellow colour and the gentle arching of the stems could work quite well in a vase.


Secondly the Rose, which I think is Snow Goose.   I now have two separate plantings following an ordering mix up I mentioned on Saturday and so plenty available.  I like the fact that the buds are a darker yellow matching the centre of the Sisyrinchium, whilst the more open flowers are paler, matching the Sisyrinchium’s petals.  Although I might have picked a couple of short stems of this, I’ve never realised how long the stems are and so haven’t ever used it in a tall arrangement.


I thought about leaving it just as a creamy concoction, but in the end decided to add in the Nepeta Six Hills Giant as a contrast.


I decided to photograph it in the kitchen, and for the shot below couldn’t resist adding Nimbus (well strictly he added himself), to the creamy mix!

IMG_2822 (3)

With thanks again to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this Monday vase meme.

14 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Original pickings

  1. Chloris

    Lovely creamy colours and even a colour co ordinated dog! I love Snowgoose, it’ s a rambler isn’t it? None of my ramblers are out yet. I bet it looks wonderful. Your catmint looks great with all the frothy cream, a great combination.
    Isn’ t Sisyrinchium striatum useful for making swathes of vertical cream in the garden? It’ s only fault is that it seeds a bit too enthusiastically.

  2. Cathy

    I just saw Christine’s vase with Nepeta and decided I must try it out some time as it looks really pretty… especially with these creamy roses. Lovely!

  3. Cathy

    Colour co-ordinated dog, now that’s a different prop! I am so pleased you have shown Snow Goose because after much dithering that is what I added to the wall that borders the stone circle of the blue & white border – they only went in in Autumn so have not done a lot yet, although i was a little perturbed at how YELLOW the buds looked! The flowers look safely white though…. And I am intrigued by the sisyrinchium as I hadn’t come across a white one and even though Chloris says it seeds around a lot I think I might look out for it as it would be a useful white addition to the blue-dominated aforesaid b&w border… Thanks you for joining in again, it’s lovely to have you with us.

  4. Julie

    What a lovely vase of summer flowers – I like the height that you have managed to achieve – garden roses often have such short stems. Also what a gorgeous dog – he looks similar to my retriever in colouring, but more aristocratic in face shape – what breed is he?

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Hi Julie, he’s a second generation Labradoodle (ie both parents were Labradoodles too). He’s got that slender face of a poodle, but otherwise I think he looks more like a skinny Retriever than a Labrador. There’s another photo of him on my About page – he’s usually around and about!

  5. jenhumm116 Post author

    What a coincidence – I wish you lots of joy with your Snow Goose. Perhaps you could consider a coordinated dog too – I hear they’re all the rage! 😉

  6. Kris P

    How nice of Nimbus to add himself to what was already a very pretty display! I can only wish that my cat, Pipig, would be as cooperative.

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