In a vase on Monday – purple circle


Having found Rambling in the Garden’s lovely blog, I thought I’d join in on “In a vase on Monday”.  I can’t say my floristry skills are up to much, but I do love my garden flowers and like the idea of trying to be a bit more creative with them, so please bear with my amateurish efforts!

Today’s vase is actually a series of little milk bottles joined together and is probably my favourite (and easiest) vase as it doesn’t demand long stems.


The plants here are Cerinthe major purpurescens, Scabious Kingfisher Blue, Stocks and the green is actually lemon balm not mint.  I like the mint as tea, so the lemon balm is easier to sacrifice.IMG_2428

The vase is pictured on our outside table where it’s been all weekend and I love the  sweet scent from the stocks when I’m sitting there.  I have read that you shouldn’t have scented flowers where you eat, but I disagree – I’m all for scented flowers everywhere.  Roll on the sweet peas….

8 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – purple circle

  1. Cathy

    You may think it’s amateurish but that’s only because even a few blooms brought inside can be lovely, which this is. Have you grown the cerinthe yourself this year or are they self seeded? And are the bottles literally joined together? I have just bought some ‘milk bottles’ from IKEA but they are bigger than I thought they would be, but watch out for them on a future Monday! I have been given a scabious by someone this year and must check for blooms if I can remember where I planted it!! Look forward to seeing another vase soon 🙂

    1. jenhumm116 Post author

      Hi Cathy, thank you. The Cerinthes are self seeded, and because they all survived the winter are really plentiful and tall so better for cutting than they’ve ever been before. I’m actually planning a whole post about them….
      And yes, the bottles were bought glued in a circle and sitting on the metal stand. It’s just so easy to cut a few short stems and plonk them in. They remind me of my wedding headress of fresh flowers – now that WAS a long time ago.

  2. Kris P

    Small vases and little flowers often make the sweetest arrangements, especially when they’re scented. I wish I’d planted Cerinthe this year – it pulls together many colors well.

  3. AnnetteM

    Great vase. I love the smell of lemon balm. We have some by a path and I can’t resist crushing some in my fingers whenever I pass. Good job there is a lot of it!


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