Anyone for Badminton?

IMG_2375This was my first NGS visit of the year, and my first time to this garden, and whilst I always travel hopefully, I do worry I’ll be disappointed (particularly with the mother in law in tow….)

Not a chance!  Although a handout given on entry suggested they’d suffered “two bad winters and some illness” and “many changes have had to be made due to flooding and loss of trees” I thought the garden was glorious.  Today was hot and sunny and it was delightful to lose yourself in an acre of garden which actually had quite a lot of shade, thanks to some unusual shrubs and trees.

The area that I particularly liked was the planting around the stream, fabulous Viburnum,IMG_2346

some lovely irisesIMG_2354

stunning fernsIMG_2360

and a lot of vertical planting.  There were many structures with climbers including Clematis and a Schisandra Rudiflora, but I particularly like this very pale Wisteria arch.IMG_2396

I couldn’t resist this shot of the ‘resting’ wheelbarrows, but it was also to try to show the white Clematis Montana which has clambered right across the garage roof.IMG_2377

And lastly, what is this lovely blue plant which was growing in the hedgerow as we approached the garden?  Both flowers and leaves look rather like Pulmonaria, but it’s massive – must be over 4ft tall.  Any ideas? IMG_2403

With many thanks to Mr and Mrs Montrose for generously sharing their lovely garden.

2 thoughts on “Anyone for Badminton?

  1. Louise

    Looks like Comfrey, Symphytum Officinale. The blue one is particularly lovely isn’t it? And it can get surprisingly tall, especially in shade. A bit of a thug for the garden, but great for wild areas where it can run. And makes wonderful tomato feed too!
    And Badminton is a lovely garden, a shame I couldn’t get there.

  2. jenhumm116 Post author

    Thanks Louise. I knew about comfrey being good for feed but have never grown it. Now I know how pretty it is I’ll have to try to find a spot for it!


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