Plentiful, pretty and pink


If you don’t like Armeria maritima (Sea Thrift, Sea Pink) then look away now, as this post has little else.

I’ve tried hard to capture the thrifts down on the Duver, but it’s difficult with my camera skills to do an adequate job of conveying the scale and beauty of hundreds of square metres of shimmering, bobbing pink heads.

They’ve been coming out over the last week or so, and these photos were taken over a number of different days, but still don’t do them justice.



Just pausing from the photos for a moment, Wikipedia alerts me to the fact that the British threepence coin, issued between 1937 and 1952, had a design of thrift on the reverse.  Can’t say I was around then, but I love the Art Deco look.

File:Threepence 1943.jpg

And, as part of a 2002 marketing campaign, the plant conservation charity Plantlife chose sea thrift as the “county flower” of the Isles of Scilly.  Now I have a very fond spot for the Scillies as it’s one of the OH’s favourite places and also where we spent our honeymoon, so that’s a lovely link I wasn’t aware of.

Enough chat, back to the photos

IMG_2123IMG_2142 (2)


4 thoughts on “Plentiful, pretty and pink

  1. AnnetteM

    Amazing views. Your close up photo is wonderful too. What is more, I never even knew there was a three-pence coin let alone that it had a thrift on the back. Great post.

  2. Chloris

    Lovely! I used to have a threepenny bit. I don’ t know what I did with it. I never realised that it was Thrift on it. I love the Scilly Isles too, specially Tesco.
    A wonderful shot of your dog running joyfully through the Thrift.

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