May’s barrow


IMG_2150I’ve given the barrow a complete overhaul for May, including some new purchases.

I’ve gone for a mad orange and blue theme, with both the Scabious Kingfisher Blue and the Salvia East Friesland new.

Two of the orange plants were existing, the plant at the back left, Zauschneria californica ‘Western Hills’ has been in the greenhouse all winter, and I think in retrospect I should have trimmed back the top growth to encourage it to bush out a bit more.  It does look a little spindly, but the flowers are great.  The low plant, front left, is the one we brought back from a trip to Madeira over Christmas.  It seems to be thriving, but I still don’t know what its called – any clues?  And the one at the back right is the gorgeous Geum, ‘Totally Tangerine’.  I love the way geum flowers sit on wiry stems, well above the foliage, and I do love the bright colours but have struggled to find a spot for them in the garden.  Hopefully having this one in a pot will work.  Both the geum and the scabious already seem well settled in and I like the way they wave about in the breeze.

The last component is a new Sedum – Dragon.  Looked at closely there is a darker edge to every leaf.  I like it poking out of the tall pot like mad hair.

Many of the pots in April’s barrow are still going strong, especially the fuschia and the cineraria, and they’ve now been moved to another area of pots, which has a pink/silver theme.  Perhaps I’ll share those on the next Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day,

Happy May!



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