Return to the Duver #2

IMG_1725Since my last Duver post just under two weeks ago, things have gone MAD.

The Alexanders (Smyrnium olusatrum) must have grown 6 inches and are now threatening to block the path, and so many of the trees, which were almost completely bare, are now well on the way to leaf:IMG_1699

I just Googled to see whether there is a collective noun for Bluebells, and whilst the answer’s ‘no’, Paul Wiegman, in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette suggested there should be collective nouns for many wild flowers, and came up with a ‘pealing’ of Bluebells.  That might work for the gentle scattering shown below, but for a proper bluebell wood it seems a little understated.  Instead I propose a ‘ding dong’.  What do you think?IMG_1715 (2)

There’s hawthorn everywhere: IMG_1704

And in the hedgerow, Herb-Robert (Geranium robertianum), Greater Stitchwort (Stellaria holostea) with Lesser Celandine (Ranunculus ficaria),

the rather other worldly Lords-and-ladies (Arum maculatum),IMG_1718

and this one, which looks familiar, but I just can’t find out what it’s called.  Someone put me out of my misery please?IMG_1657

And to finish, a bench, to celebrate the arrival of weather you can actually sit out in – hurrah!IMG_1709


2 thoughts on “Return to the Duver #2

  1. Chloris

    Lovely spring, what a delight to see all the flowers. The little flower is Honesty: Lunaria annua, it must be a garden escape.
    It is wonderful to see the bluebells but they are very early this year. I wish things would slow down a bit.


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