Phwoar eh?

IMG_1676 (3)Now I’m not much of a gadget girl, and could bore for GB about the evils of leaf blowers, but sometimes you need a bit of kit to do a specific job, and today, after hours of using both, I’d like to celebrate two tools.

Firstly, my brand new, very handsome Spear and Jackson half moon edger (above, leaning seductively against the second wave of narcissi in the troughs).

When we had the garden reconfigured four years ago, we used 3 metre iron strips to edge the lawn and new beds, and initially they did a fabulous job.  However, over the years, soil has crept in between the pebbles and where there’s soil there will be growth.  And whilst some of that growth was rather charming (Cerinthe or forget-me-nots I might ignore) much was just grass.  And today was the day to reclaim my edges, and I’m delighted to say my half moon edger did me proud.

Secondly, my Burgon and Ball Paving and patio Brush and Knife.  I’ve had this over a year and actually bought it at Mottistone.  It has a metal point at the end. and then a heavy duty wire brush, and is just perfect for scraping and brushing between paving slabs.  Admittedly on its first using the head fell off and had to be screwed on by the OH, but I’m prepared to forgive it as it has done yeoman service ever since.


And to finish, two close ups of plants included above.

The rhubarb, newly emerged from the forcer and blinking in the sunshine:2013 05 and prior 065

And then a close up of my new Tulip ‘Avignon’.  I spent far too long going round and round the ‘Bloms’ stand at Chelsea last year trying to choose a tulip which would show up in the garden when observed from the house in the sort of murky, grey weather we suffered last spring, and I went for Avignon.

I know it’s a bit of a cliche, but the colour really is like shot silk and makes me think of evening dresses (and The Sewing Bee!) and guess what?  Like so many things, it’s even more gorgeous in the sunshine.


1 thought on “Phwoar eh?

  1. Chloris

    I think I need both these tools. My half moon edger makes terrible edges. At least I do when I’m using it. Maybe I’do better with this one.
    What wonderful rhubarb.


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