Greenhouse gratification – March

Greenhouse (2)Now I know I’m a very lucky girl to have such a lovely large greenhouse but it’s amazing how it fills up.   I’m already wishing away the days until I can be confident we’re frost free and I can put out all the succulents and pelargoniums which are currently occupying a significant amount of space.



Because of ongoing problems with the ankle I’ve been unable to do anything too strenuous and so have gone a bit mad with the seed planting.

First I updated my ‘Seed 2014’ spreadsheet to discover I have well over one hundred seed packets from Chilterns, Seaspring Seeds, Derry Watkins, Jekka McVicar, Sarah Raven and the RHS.  What was I thinking?

Secondly, I treated myself to a heated propagation mat, something so toasty I imagine the seeds are happy even when I’m not there keeping them company.  And thirdly, I’ve been planting.  Largely according to Maria but I have strayed occasionally (please don’t tell).

Already many seeds are popping up – certainly the sweet peas planted in February are well on the way – they’ve been pinched out and are bushing out strongly.  A second wave (in the round pots) clearly has some way to go, but the tomatoes will soon need potting on.  I’ve also already planted aubergine (Turkish Orange) and Peppers (Marconi and Mini Belle Yellow). I’ve never done that well with either in the past, but last year it was definitely because I planted too late.

I have also in the past planted the Padron Peppers, which I adore fried in the bit of olive oil and lots of sea salt, but after eating literally over a hundred when I was in Madrid recently, I’m not sure they like me as much as I like them, so I think I might give them a rest this year!

And to finish, to give even me greenhouse envy, see below a shot of one of the glasshouses at the stunning West Dean gardens taken last year.  Is it just me, but do you find that more appealing than a box of chocolates?

2013 05 and prior 099

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