Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – 15th March


So, late again, I’ve decided to join a number of other bloggers I follow to capture blooms blooming in my garden on the 15th.  I struggled to choose the headliner, but in the end went with the Leptospermum scoparium above, as it hasn’t been featured previously, and has been blooming non stop all winter.  What a plant!

There are a number of different narcissi, some inherited,IMG_1359

but also Tete a Tete (here with Leucojum aestivum) IMG_1346


and Minnow (the small one, I’m not sure what the taller one is, but it is so multiheaded and tall it tends to fall over).IMG_1330

And in pots I have Narcissi Thalia, IMG_1322

and, in my long troughs, Segovia.IMG_1369 (2)

In other pots I have Tulip Apricot Beauty, Grevillea and pale yellow pansies.IMG_1319

Elsewhere in the garden, fruit blossom (Nectarine and Cherry),

some blues – clockwise Forget me not (in front of Stipa tenuissima), Cerinthe, Scilla, Pulmonaria and Lithodora Heavenly Blue (with Crocus cream Beauty).

and some pinks, Geranium, hellebore, bergenia and beautiful self seeded primula.



And then in the greenhouse, pelargoniums

and lastly this beauty.  It was bought in the flower market in Funchal in Madeira last Christmas, but I’ve got no idea what it’s called.  And suggestions?IMG_1378

1 thought on “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – 15th March

  1. AnnetteM

    Hi Jenny – good to see your garden in March. You certainly have a lot of narcissus(or should it be narcissi?) – lovely.
    I have never seen the Leptospermum scoparium before – how tall is it?
    Interesting to see your Lithodora out with Cream Beauty crocuses. My Lithodora is not out yet and my Cream Beauty crocuses are all but finished!


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