Jenny up, Jenny down


On Monday and Tuesday this week I was working away from home, and on my return I discovered that the daffodils in both the Swing Beds, and the Oak Bed, had all burst into flower.  The particular daffodils in question are Narcissus Jenny , first bought by my mother as a cunning (September) birthday present for A. knowing that I’d love them, which I do.

Not only do I like the fact that the petals are pale, dainty and reflexed, but of course I like the fact they share my name, and since that first bag of bulbs at least ten years ago, I’ve always grown them.  I obviously grow other Narcissi too to extend the season – Tete a Tete, Thalia, Sinopel, Cornish Chuckle, Minnow, Segovia and Old Pheasants Eye but I think the Jennys are my favourites.



So if that’s ‘Jenny up’ what’s ‘Jenny down’?  Well that would be me, missing the last step outside the house in the dark last night (sober!) and spraining my ankle.  Not sure what’s more distasteful about this picture, the swollen ankle or my winter white skin….


So consequently I am hobbling around feeling rather foolish and useless, and yet taking a moment to appreciate how lucky I am to be usually fit and active.

And of course the real joke is – guess what was delivered yesterday morning:


Now who on earth is going to barrow that around?  Sigh.

6 thoughts on “Jenny up, Jenny down

  1. AnnetteM

    Oh dear – how frustrating for you. Unfortunately lots of rest is required to heal a sprain. And maybe some ice to get the swelling down? That looks a bag of lovely stuff – did you say it was compost that you can buy from the council? I would love some of that.
    Take care and do lots of blogging instead of gardening.

  2. Di'ane Blackwell

    Ok shut your eyes-your gently swaying on your swing ,sipping a cool delicious cocktail,whilst an athletic bronzed topless 30 year old forks your borders!!!! Does that work?

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