Sweet pea perusal

So a sweet pea sort of a weekend.  Firstly, Louise, my friend from the beautiful garden at Kingston Rectory, brought me a Tangier Pea, Lathyrus tingitanus, (above)  grown from Sarah Raven seed.  It’s supposed to clamber like a clematis, so now all I have to do is decide where to put it – and wait for the temperature to warm up (it’s hardly Tangier centigrade here at the moment).

Secondly I finally planted my own sweet pea seeds.  I bought seed this year from English Sweet Peas for the first time.  I was tempted by some of their mixes, particularly the ‘Parfumiere Mix’ from the ‘Sweet peas for fragrance’ collection.  I also bought ‘Mrs Collier’, ‘Cupid Purple’, ‘Lianne Marie’ and ‘Breath of Fresh Air Mix’.

I plant my sweet peas in old washing liquid capsule boxes – it makes me feel green recycling the boxes, but sadly think I’m paying way over the odds for my washing liquid.  I planted the seeds in multipurpose compost, figuring they didn’t need cosseting in a seed mix, and didn’t chit or soak.  I’ll keep you posted on their germination.

Meanwhile I’ll share a picture of sweet peas on the pergola last year, as well as the serried rows of planted seeds from this afternoon.  Oh the potential – surely it’s what keeps us all going?


  • As well as the sweet pea seed planting described above, I also planted some poppies (Papaver orientale – ‘Patty’s Plum’ and ‘Manhattan’ above) bought as bare root plants from Hayloft Plants.  They’d arrived before Christmas but had been ignored until now, largely due to the Madeira sojourn.  I gave them a soak and planted them up.  Annoyingly I managed to mix up the two varieties in the process, but at least they’ve now got their feet in some soil…
  • And no, I still haven’t cleaned the rest of the greenhouse, which made taking the photo of the sweet pea seeds quite an art in avoiding the grotty bits.

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